What powerhouse perfume from the 80's would you wear today?

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  1. Maybe they are also changing the formulas, a bit like with the Chanel 19 EdT?
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  2. Yeah. That too!
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  3. Btw on occasion I really like the smell of Angel, from Thierry Mugler
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  4. YSL's Opium
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  5. I think its lush and green. Way better than No.5. I also like Ysl Cinema. I think that one is slept on.
  6. 5 was always a bit too cloying and sweet on me
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  7. Eau de Givenchy was my first perfume as a teenager in the 80s and I wore it every single day until they stopped producing it. Then they recently re-released it in their classics collection which was (is?) sold only in a few selected department stores. I was so happy! It was not exactly the same but still. Got my supply in Berlin's KaDeWe. And now they have discontinued it again... :sad::sad::sad: It is so special, a light eau de cologne which smelled like no other.

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  8. No. 19 is my favorite perfume from their regular (non exclusive) line.:heart::love: And I like it way more than No. 5.

    When I purchased No. 19, the Chanel SA also recommended I try Cristalle EDP and sent me home with a sample. It is very different from No. 19, but I like it a lot. However, I have been holding off on purchasing it as I have way too much perfume!

    And then, there is No. 19 Poudre, which to my nose smells closer to Prada's Infusion d'Iris.
    Of all these, I love the classic No. 19 (vintage EDT and current EDP) the most.:loveeyes:
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  9. Chance also reminds me of the good old 19... I need to go out and get the EdP for 19, I really miss that smell, but I HATED the EdT when they changed it, it just smelled so wrong, but I miss that lush, green smell, it just seemed to be so full of savoire vivre
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  10. You know, I haven't tried Chance in such a long time that I have forgotten how it smells! I really should refresh my memory and sniff it the next time I am at the mall.

    I agree, I found the current No.19 EDT disappointing. It's light and has to be re-sprayed in an hour or two!
    I should also add that Chanel used to sell No. 19 body cream. Maybe they still do, I just haven't checked in a while. The No. 19 body cream is very nice, not as complex as the perfume, but still a lovely fragrance that I often use to layer with the perfume. I have the No. 5 body cream as well, and the square jars last a long time for me. The texture is wonderful and silky.

    Do update with your thoughts after you have tried No. 19 EDP. :smile:
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  11. The original formulation of Dolce & Gabbana for Women (the rectangular bottle with the red cap). Whatever's in that bottle now isn't anything like the initial version, unfortunately.
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  12. I tried to buy poudre in June but was unsucessful. It's only at the Chanel boutique in Dallas. I'm not willing to drive that far to sniff and don't want to blind buy. I do like Cristalle. Fat Joe the rapper turned me on to it.:biggrin:
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  13. I still wear Jessica McClintock sometimes
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  14. #74 Aug 15, 2019
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    I like Cristalle (EDP) a lot and have considered getting a bottle, but there are a few perfumes from some other houses that I definitely want to purchase in the near future, so Cristalle has been bumped down the list!
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  15. I don't think it was a 'powerhouse' but I would still wear Gianfranco Ferré (and I do still own it lol)