What powerhouse perfume from the 80's would you wear today?

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  1. I've recently purchased Givenchy Amarige in a small drug store size. I LOVE the memories the smell evokes, but I can't seem to wear it long term because it smells too "dated" to me.

    I was known for dousing myself in Jessica McClintock back in high school, so I bought a small bottle of that to spray once in awhile as well. The thing is...neither of these can I stand to wear daily because they don't seem current. I know that is silly because if I like it I should wear it. So I'm curious, does anyone else have a favorite 80's scent they are currently wearing?
    I'll admit, a bottle of yves Saint Laurent Paris may be in my shopping cart soon......
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  2. I don’t think they are ‘powerhouse’ as in big orientals, but Caleche and Givenchy III are in my current rotation.
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  3. I still love and wear Opium.
  4. I don’t wear perfume anymore; interferes with wine tasting lol! But in the 80s my hands down favorite was Calvin Klein Obsession. Can you get more 80s than that?!?!? :lol:
  5. Each time I see this thread come up I thing the same thing so I’ll say it: Exclamation. :lol:

    In fairness, I was a kid in the eighties so it was glamorous.
  6. I don't think this would be considered a powerhouse perfume from the eighties, but Guerlain Shalimar is one of my enduring perfume loves. It was my first perfume and I fell in love at first sniff, and still absolutely love it, even though I don't wear it very often these days.
  7. I loved and wore Obsession and YSL's Paris! I think my very first fragrances were Love's Baby Soft and Wild Musk Oil by Coty -- does anyone else remember them? So unsophisticated but I was a teenager and heavily influenced by Teen and Seventeen magazine LOL.
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  8. There are several that come to mind
    Patou Joy, Arpege My Sin, Chanel no5
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  9. I used to LOVE exclamation!! Did you ever wear Samba? That one was great too :smile:
  10. I also wore Giorgio my whole freshman year of high school. I loved that stuff!
  11. My step-grandmother always wore Shalimar. I would love inhaling it on her mink stoles/coats and dress suits. I have some and spritz it on every now and then.

    And my Gramps drove a new Caddie every year--those 2 knew how to live and have a great time!
  12. It sure sounds like they knew how to live and enjoy life. :smile:

    My vintage Shalimar bottle was gifted to me by my aunt who loved perfume and had a lovely collection. When I used to visit her house as a little girl, I was always fascinated by the array of perfume bottles on her dressing table. By the way, she also had original Opium, which was one of her favorites.

    It's pretty amazing if you think about it - Shalimar was created way back in 1921 or was it 1925? And it has remained popular all these years and still has its devotees to this day! I know people who tried it for the first time recently, loved it and purchased it right away. I too recently bought the current version since I did not want to be without a bottle of Shalimar.
    Another Guerlain that I love is Vol de Nuit but that one is not quite as well known as Shalimar but I adore it as well.
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  13. I love and still wear Rochas Tocade. Actually that might have come out in the early 90's, but it's still a powerhouse fragrance.
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  14. Calvin Klein Obsession is superrrrr 80s!
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  15. Calyx by Prescriptives, White Linen Breeze by Estee Lauder and 360 degrees by Perry Ellis.
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