What pograms MUST you see, or you are a bear to live with?

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  1. I ask this as I missed the season 3 ender for True Blood. My Love, Daughter & Son, all left the house for about 2 hours so that I could watch it in peace. {Wonderful that they are, brought back pizza for dinner, and did the clean up.}
    It got me thinking. We have threads for each program, but I wanted to know what are the ones that you MUST see, or if you are like me, get crabby until you do, as everyone around you is trying to talk to you about the program that you DVRed, but did not watch yet?
    Here are mine:
    1. Supernatural {found the web page that was orignally for it through seasons 1&2. Here is the link: http://supernatural.warnerbros.com/ it is creepy, but so worth checking out.}
    2. Dr. Who {Yes ALL of them}
    3. True Blood {Though the ending for this season just felt kinda, I don't know, flat. But in season 1 after the service when Grams was murdered, Lafayette did say that he felt the bad "JuJu" in the food. Now we find out he has "Gifts" I LOVE the way that his story line is playing out.}
    4. The Vampire Diaries {Yes it is aimed at teens, but as my Daughter is 18, I have the perfect reason to watch it if anyone ever asked.}

    I thought this is a fun way for some of us to tell everyone else about the programs that we like. As we are wonderful, beautiful, smart;) and did I say beautiful? It would only be just that we expose others to the things we love!
  2. So You Think You Can Dance & Rachel Zoe
  3. well unfortunately these shows are no longer on, but when they were, omg...don't mess with me until i finished watching them.

    1. the tudors
    2. sex and the city
    3. will and grace
    4. the sopranos
  4. lost
  5. I can't think of any show currently on tv that I HAVE to watch. A lot of the shows I get into I just buy the dvd sets and watch them all that way.
  6. During high school it was Buffy, now its the Vampire Diaries.
  7. Count me as a supernatural fan! Thanks for website link. I've been to it before, but nice to revisit.

    And burn notice. Love me some burn notice.
  8. Glad I'm not the only Doctor Who fan out there :yahoo:. I have to watch The Doctor (when new episodes are airing) or I am really annoyed. I even watched Doctor Who Series 4 on dvd while I was at the hospital in labor w/my daughter!

    I guess I'm either weird or crazy, LOL!
  9. Burn Notice
    White Collar (all ladies have to check out this show: the lead, Matt Bomer, is so freaking HOT/SEXY, and I MEAN IT! ;))
    House M.D.
    Desperate Housewives
  10. Mad Men
  11. True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and Gossip Girl!
  12. Don't mess with me when Gossip Girl is on! And when it was still airing, LOST!
  13. The two programs that I must see are Mad men and the big bang theory
  14. lol @ pogram
  15. I used to be a 24 fiend but now i've moved on to Dexter!