What planning for an H trip reminds me of

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  1. So, I'm plotting my first trip to a real H store and listing things that I might want to buy to start building a relationship with an SA. I feel like a teenaged boy trying to buy a girlie mag. "Yeah, I'm getting a pack of gum, two candy bars, a Sports Illustrated and....and....can I get that Playboy behind you?"

    Except that for me, it will be more like "I'd like to get a bottle of Kelly Caleche, two scarves, a shawl, maybe this CDC cuff, and oh, uh....do you have any Kellys back there?"
  2. :roflmfao: You nailed it! so true!
  3. LOL!! Love it :tup:
  4. Lol! Good luck! I know its hard when you go in the first time!
  5. I lol'ed. In a good way! I love the way you put it!
    GL :smile:
  6. Am I the only person whose brain went to the wrong place with this? :graucho: Although now that I think about it, it's not unlike that either. You may be scared or nervous at first, but then you realize how good it really is.
  7. Sorry :shame: I'll write better next time...
  8. Kenzie1980, u go!!! I am sending good vibes your way!!! :jammin:
  9. I agree!

    I usually only get to H once a year, and that is this Sunday!

    I also have a mental list--look at scarves, try on a picotin, see if there are karo pms, look at a lindy, maybe an agenda. Oh--and then there is the little thing that I already have on hold....

    How will I ever remember it all?
  10. kenzie, *LOL* Very funny. :smile:

    so true....
  12. hahahaaaaaaaa i know what you mean!!
  13. Oh, your analogy is sooooo funny!!! You gave me a much-needed chuckle!!
  14. Your analogy made me laugh, too. I'm not sure which store you're going to, but I've been seeing lots of Kelly bags on the store shelves for the last 2 years or so, so you may just end up coming home with one on your first visit!
  15. ^^ I'm debating between Chicago (the closest), DC, or Charlotte. I used to live in DC, so it would be nice to head back there again. I've never been to Charlotte, so that's an option too. I hope to get a Kelly, but I also want to get on a Birkin waitlist during my visit as well!