What Planners do you carry in your B-Bag - electronic or paper????


Electronic or Paper?

  1. Electronic - handhelds, smartphones

  2. Paper - agendas, notebooks, etc.

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  1. What do you all carry in the way of a planner? I have always used paper - like Franklin Covey, and I have an LV planner. BUT, my office has given me an electronic handheld (Dell Axim) that I have tried to use for the last year. I can't carry BOTH! What does everyone prefer???? (My LV agenda looks better in my bbags by the way - but it's too small!!!!) :s
  2. I prefer paper. I had a Blackberry I used to used but theres nothing better than writing in a Louis Vuitton pretty agenda!
  3. My DH bought me a Palm T5 for Christmas a few years back - I prefer a lovely LV agenda but don't want to hurt DH's feelings... I drop it occasionally... hehehe
  4. I prefer paper, I own my own business and electronic gets confusing. Things get lost and deleted and its crazy sometimes!
  5. papers... i use my medium LV panda organizer... it's cute & so much used than my dusting pda palm :p
  6. I :heart: my BlackBerry! Makes my life so much easier! My business is computer based and I can check my emails anytime, anywhere on the BlackBerry (ok, so my DH and kids aren't so crazy about it!). I am looking forward to the Apple iPhone! :yes:
  7. Do you ever find some of your appointments on the palm or blackberry, and some in your agendas? :confused1: Do you use both? I keep thinking that I should use the handheld, then I feel I should be using my agenda, and then I find I'm doing double duty!:shrugs:
  8. I prefer the good o' fashion paper over electronics. By the time I find the right section to input my notes plus the agonizing punching in the appropriate letters and numbers on the electronic organizer, 15 minutes has passed! It's faster to just simply write it down on a cute LV agenda!!
  9. I prefer paper
    I have a beautiful LV agenda my DH gave it to me for christmas
  10. I have a small LV Damier agenda and a 7 X 10 spiral BusyBodyBook organizer.
  11. That busybody book is sooo cute!!!! Do you use both then? How do you decide which one??? :confused1:
  12. Never. I sync my BlackBerry with Outlook on my desktop daily. All appts and notes are made in either the desktop Outlook program or on my BlackBerry handheld. Works great for me. I am a Mac lover, so cannot wait for the new iPhone!:yes:
  13. i only use this

    why i decided this? because i also have a palm, but i never use it. it just sits inside my bag, now sits on my desk.
  14. ^^ i've gotta palm i can't live without :love:
  15. Paper for me. I've tried electronic but I'm not psychologically there. :s