What piece of jewelry do you think is the most versatile?

  1. Just wondering what people's opinions on this. What I am asking is mostly about utility--what type of jewelry (necklace, earrings, ring) do you think you get most use out of? Engagement/wedding rings do not count.


  2. I can't narrow it to one, I wear my few essentials everyday:
    diamond studs
    wedding ring

    I can't part w/ any of those, in add'n I wear a tennis bracelet and ring on my rt hand everyday.
  3. I would say a beautiful watch.
  4. Diamond studs
    Pearl studs/Pearl necklace (guess this depends on your style a little)
    I wear my Hermes clic-clac bracelet (if you're not familiar with it, it is a bangle with red enamel and a silver "H" clasp) nearly every day, it's very comfortable and classic
    maybe a small pendant? I have a couple and I wear them often
  5. ^^^^
    Okay, I'd like to revise my answer based on yours!

    I agree, pearl studs + pearl necklace is by far the most versatile, for me, at least.
  6. For me: diamond and pearl studs. For rings, smooth band rings w/o high settings/prongs. I always wear the same ring on my right hand b/c it does not catch and matches everything- it is a white gold and diamond band.
  7. Hmmm...this is a tricky one! I think I would say my Cartier trinity ring on my RH because of the 3 golds, I can change bracelets/necklace but don't have to change the ring! I do have a rose necklace and bracelet but sometimes wear a platinum diamond necklace and would wear a bracelet with silver...
  8. I think earrings tend to complete a look. However, I love rings the most because I can stare at them..
  9. probably diamond studs...
  10. I never wear earrings for some reason, but I wear a ring everyday. I choose btw three david yurman and one tiffany depending on what I am wearing. And an open heart diamond pendant from my BF.
  11. I have a really nice SS women's chronograph. It has a metal bracelet and it goes with EVERYTHING. Its versatile because its really modern and looks great with my office gear, but I can wear it in the rain and it will be rugged and fine.
  12. i love watches, and use them as "jewellery", but in answer to your question, diamond studs. they go with everything!
  13. Aside from my watch, a diamond or cz pendant can be a nice balance. I would have said studs, but only if I wear my hair back. A pendant you can always see on the wearer.
  14. My diamond studs,watch and a star lariat necklace
  15. My Rolex, Diamond Studs and my David Yurman diamond metro ring and my Diamond tennis bracelet or my David Yurman bracelet