What Phoebe Philo-bags will be discontinued?

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  1. This is such sad news. I'm not really a fan of the new pieces and loved how classic Celine was, and only having the Nano Luggage in Black is no use. I'm thankful I have my Dune one, but I did want Slate before it sold out and was removed. Such a shame all the colours vanished so fast. I'm gutted there's no Nano Luggage anymore, I doubt they will continue after February either as they seem quite far away from Hedi's designs.
  2. I so want a Classic Box... Not sure I will be able to pull the trigger before February. :/
  3. Has anyone seen the Soft Clasp in black with gold hardware in Europe recently? Would love to get before it's discontinued.
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  4. Contact customer service and ask! They could help you get in contact with a store that might have it and then you can do a long distance purchase.
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  5. I’m a lucky owner of one! Last I checked, that particular color scheme (gold/black) was sold out pretty quickly so I was lucky to have my SA put it on hold for me. Definitely call boutiques and ask what colors are available and go see them in person IF they have them in stock.

    Sadly, the clasp designs were said to be discontinued so I’m praying for you! Wish you all the luck and let us know if you manage to get your hands on one!
  6. Thank you! And lucky you, it's such a gorgeous bag. Would you mind giving a short review of the bag? I feel like so few people talk about the Soft Clasp. Does it keep it's shape well? I can't see it in person, so I'm also bit worried that it sits uncomfortable on the shoulder due to the thin straps, or that it's difficult to open/close while on the shoulder.
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  7. Here’s some pictures:
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  8. So the Medium Soft Clasp is gorgeous but damn is it delicate. The leather scratches really easily, so you’ll need to be careful. It also dents unfortunately because the leather is too soft, so you need to be careful storing it. I kept the paper that was originally stored inside the bag and usually put it inside and wrap it with some styrofoam I got when it was repaired to protect the leather.

    Usually it’s not hard to open the bag from your shoulder but it takes a few seconds to properly line up the magnets so it’s secure! The magnets hold really well, but the bag is made to store really what feels like your essentials as having too much would make it difficult to close. The straps are pretty thin and will dig into your shoulder if there’s too much weight but the bag itself isn’t heavy.

    The Medium Clasp definitely keeps it’s shape since it’s a structured bag and has about 4 pockets: two of the small ones on the inside, a zipper pocket, and then a pull-open pocket as shown in the pictures above. I don’t really put anything in the pockets since I don’t carry much and also to prevent dents or markings in the leather.

    Aside from that, the bag is really good to use towards special occasion or, if you’re like me, don’t have much and pull it out every now and then of your closet to use! The minimalist appearance of it made me fall so hard for the bag, and even with its shortcomings, make me feel rewarded for taking care of it.
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  9. Thank you so much for the review and the photos. Your bag is so lovely. I've sent a mail to Celine, so I'm crossing my fingers they can find one for me.
  10. I wish you all the luck!
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  12. Is the Big Bag Bucket a Phoebe design? I don’t see it mentioned much.

    Also, if any Australians read this, Marais in Melbourne have 50% off Phoebe’s Last collection of RTW and shoes.
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  13. Sorry, double post.
  14. The Big Bag line is all Phoebe. However, the new mini bucket with long strap is Hedi's addition.