What Phoebe Philo-bags will be discontinued?

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  1. For anyone who has been to any of the Celine stores in Paris recently, is there still a good amount of "old Celine" pieces available? I'm thinking specifically bags, SLGs, jewelry, or shoes - I'll be visiting Paris in early December and was wondering whether it's even still worth it to stop by any of the stores to check. Thanks in advance for any info!
  2. I was at the Rue de Grenelle store in Paris a few days ago and they had plenty of SLGs but without the accent on the E. I did not see other “old Celine” so they may have had them in stock but not on display. I was able to snag a kohl luggage nano (still with the accent). It was such a simple transaction. I emailed the store to reserve what I wanted to purchase a few days before I arrived. The SA I dealt with was very responsive and accomodating. When I got to the store, the bags were waiting for me.
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  3. Thanks so much for the info! I feel like I read somewhere that at some places, you had to ask for the "Phoebe-era" pieces in order to be shown them, does anyone know if this is true?
  4. I don‘t know if it‘s true, but last week I was in the Store rue Montaigne and they die have 2 Nano Luggage with the é on display but nothing else from PP, just the new bags.
  5. I was in the Bev Hills Celine boutique in NM and asked the SA there about the luggage line. I am debating the small nano crossbody in black. He swore up and down that they were not being discontinued. He pointed out the new gold logo on the luggage bags as proof that this line was not being discontinued. He told me there was no hurry to rush and buy this bad which is good for me.
    I’d prefer to wait until early 2019 to purchase this bag if possible.
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  6. Went into my local Celine boutique and got myself on the waitinglist for a mini belt bag. I’m still hoping to get one with an é.

    Still can’t decide on the color though: Amazone or Light Taupe?!
  7. You probably don't have to ask specifically for "Phoebe-era" pieces, but if what you want is not on display, then just go ahead and ask if it's available. They don't display every thing they have on stock, this is true regardless of the brand's current creative director, especially if the store is one of the smaller ones. The Celine stores tend to be very minimal in design with not of space to display all the styles (in comparison to, say, a Gucci store), so not everything can be on a shelf. And it make sense that if a store has minimal display real estate, that Hedi's designs take precedence (UGH). So just ask and if it's not in store, then ask if any other store in the city has what you want.
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  8. Amazone! its so beautiful!
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  9. upload_2018-11-26_17-13-2.png
    Just noticed on the Celine US website, there is only 1 nano luggage bag listed under handbags. Does this mean anything? :amazed: I remember seeing other colors on the website a few weeks ago.
  10. Oh dear! I hope they still have nano in black! What other colours did you see before?
  11. No Nano Luggages on UK site! :0(
  12. OK. I wrote the their customer service and they told me that there are still black nano luggage bags with new logo in both drummed leather and smooth leather in all the shops in London and Paris!
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  13. I wonder for how long! Did they say anything about that? Will they keep producing it? I would love to add a nano luggage to my small collection, but it would require some saving before I could afford it... :doh:
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  14. As of now, the Classic Box, Luggage, Big Bag, Belt, Trio, Cabas Phantom, and Small Cabas will all be in production until February. My SA says that they are unsure if Hedi will continue production on Phoebe-era pieces after February.
  15. Haha, ugh, that's way too soon! We are both students and I promised to take my BF to Japan for a big Birthday of his. I guess we'll have to go next year! :lol: :wave: