What Phoebe Philo-bags will be discontinued?

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  1. I did and I made an appointment with one of the Paris stores. Hopefully I'll come back with something!

  2. I just purchased the small cabas phantom in the Amazon color this weekend!! It’s so gorgeous. With all the changes being put into effect at Céline I wanted to get the bag now before the new logo is used. I also loved this color so much and knew it was a seasonal shade so I needed to get it before it was gone! You also can’t go wrong with the abyss blue. I purchased a micro belt in the shade abyss blue about 6 weeks ago and I’m very pleased with it!
  3. Unless something has drastically changed from a week ago, I don't think so. Email and make an appointment and ask to make a reservation. I was supposed to get a luggage nano in kohl but they couldn't give it to my friend who was in Paris right away, but they had it prepared the next day ready for pick up.
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  4. Oh the Amazon color is also beautiful! I got to choose between Abyss Blue and Amazon in the end. I ordered the bag from Milano since the waitling list in Stockholm is crazy. I choose the Abyss blue, But now reading your post and another post where a girl bought a luggage in Amazon. Would love to have that color too, but choose abyss since i havent seen the Amazon in small cabas phantom IRL.
  5. I got the medium box in Amazone and it is stunning! Thinking of picking up the sangle, mini belt and clasp next... Hedi's bankrupting me :shocked:
  6. That last sentence is exactly how I feel. The Hedi effect is real, but not in the way he and LVMH would have liked. Hahaha! I've had my eye on a Sangle in a while but was waiting for a trip to Europe to grab one. But given that the earliest I'm going to Europe is next spring when there might not be any Philo-era bags left, I was "forced" (LOL) to grab a Sangle in Singapore, where the prices aren't great.

    And congrats on the box! I've always wanted one but it's out of my price range at the moment. The Amazone color is gorgeous. My Trio is in Amazone, and I always get compliments on it, even from Celine SAs.
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  7. Exactly! I feel you, I am now dipping into my Hermes fund due to the apocalypse..

    On the bright side, this whole thing is giving me a renewed appreciation for my Phoebe Celines. I've always loved them, obviously, but they have been overlooked in recent months/ years.

    Today I'm carrying my burgundy Trifold and falling back in love :heart: such a perfect, classy, understated yet elegant work bag. It saddens me that the bag is from a generation that's passed.

    Thank you, the Amazone is a fabulous neutral-colour and I'm not even a green person! I've found it to go with everything I wanted to wear so far. Enjoy your Trio! I've always wanted one but never quite pulled the trigger :flowers:
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  8. Yes! I am also not a green person, but was surprised by how that shade is actually a "neutral". It does indeed go with everything. I feel like it pops against a lot of colors, both dark (navy, black) and light (white, khaki, light denim) but doesn't "scream". It's surprisingly versatile.
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  9. I wonder what the stock is gonna be at the outlets next year, because I'm going to the UK around Sept 2019. I don't normally buy much at outlets because I feel like the good quality stuff is still expensive but I wouldn't mind buying a few Phoebe pieces.
  10. FWIW, I popped by the Céline at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco last week and the SA told me that the Trios are staying for now...

    She showed me the new one (they only had it in small/black leather) which had the new logo and instead of a leather pull, it's just gold hardware (think: a normal gold thick zip)... She said she was unsure how long they were going to keep making the Trio (even with this new HW/logo). I feel like they will keep going with it because why would they lightly alter it if they were just going to get rid of it?
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  11. Do you think it will be impossible to get a Mini taupe belt bag? I don’t see the mini size on the website and I want the old logo.
  12. Email Celine Customer Service for your region. They might help you get in touch with a store that has it.
    I got a Cabas Phantom in abyss color that way. Waiting list in Stockholm, sold out "everywhere" but they did have one in Milan. So they shipped it to me (for a shipping cost) and paid via bank transfer.
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  13. You are talking about the color taupe, not light taupe, right?
  14. I confirm, they're still selling them. I was in a Céline store yesterday, just couldn't find my color...
    However I was told by the SA that they'll stop selling the luggage in february. Thanks Hedi Slimane, I'm so pissed.
  15. Oh, I actually mean the Light Taupe. I'm looking for a mini size