What perfume/fragrance for my baby?

  1. Well, our anniversary is coming up and I'm getting her several things, one including an expensive perfume/fragrance. What do you think the nicest smelling fragrance is? This is for a 20 year old latino girl who loves to go out and have fun =) THANKS!!
  2. If you are looking for a *young* perfume my vote is always for Sui Dreams by Anna Sui...Lolita Lempicka is a yummy smell for the evening as well.

    These are not flowerly scents!
  3. CARTIER Delices de Cartier Parfum is great, I it is a.'' fruity fragrance with iced cherry, bergamot, and pink pepper. A modern floral signature from an abstraction of golden jasmine''.
  4. Pure Tiffany by Tiffany & Company is a great perfume. It is very youthful. Also, what girl doesn't like getting the famous little blue box from Tiffany's?
  5. Thanks for the replies! Keep em comin =D I'm going to go to some stores and test all of them out tomorrow.
  6. hypnotic Poison or Pure Poisoin by Dior!
  7. I love 'Cheap & Chich' by Moschino...I get compliments on it all the time!

    Another fragrance is the Stella McCartney one...

    Or, Chance by Chanel!
  8. whats the difference between a toilette and a fragrance/parfum
  9. Eau de Toilette will not last as long as a Parfum grade in the same scent. It's lighter.
  10. parfum is the purest form of the fragrance, eau de parfum is next, and eau de toilette is the lightest and least expensive form of the scent.

    whatever scent you choose, consider getting her body cream and eau de parfum in it- that way she can layer it.

    if you like "green" scents try the hermes sur le nil. very pretty. maybe a pocket square or twilly to go with?
  11. Cartier sent me a mini sample bottle of this in the mail! It's fabulous!
  12. Philosophy's Pure Grace is a nice clean scent...they compare it to a white t-shirt kind of fragrance. It's light and pleasant. I also love Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb (floral, but soft) and Moschino Couture (more of a sexy evening fragrance).
  13. I've been looking for a new perfume this week and just sampled Chance by Chanel this morning. The scent is still lingering on my skin and clothes, so it lasts, and I think it smells great! I'm buying it tomorrow. I think Chanel would be a fun choice for someone relatively new to higher end perfume, and Chance is quite youthful too.
  14. Chance by Chanel and Light Blue by Dolce and Gabanna :smile:
  15. Try Gucci Pink too! I get ALOT Of compliments from guys when I wear this.