What perfume are you wearing *today?*

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  1. Moi: Escada Rockin' Rio
  2. Sarah Jessica's Lovely perfume, and the body lotion
  3. none today, just philosophy coconut cake body lotion
  4. Chanel No 5
  5. Burberry London.
  6. Romance by RL
  7. Euphoria by CK
  8. Glow by J.Lo... it just smells so light, fresh, and clean, I totally love it :love:
  9. marc jacobs
  10. Oscar by Oscar de La Renta
  11. Chance by Chanel
  12. chance by chanel :P
  13. Pure Grace by Philosophy
  14. nectarine blossom and honey by jo malone
  15. SAme always, Issey Miyake.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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