What Percentage of Your Wardrobe Do you Actually Wear ?

  1. I know I am guilty of still having tags in my closet from every season whether it be shoes, boots, coats, dresses or bags. I think i wear, mmm maybe 40% of my wardrobe.

    How about you ?
  2. Oh, good question here! I think I'm guilty as charged too, I found that I have lotsa clothes that I rarely use. Perhaps in percentage, around 50% :shame:
  3. Less than 30%....my wardrobe consists of collectable special event clothing, lol... not practical stuff

    Looks like it's time I start to ebay them off to pay off my student loans
  4. I love this question! Thanks Pradasmeadow!

    I worked at a clothing store for almost two years and had gotten some great deals! So, I have a lot of clothes!!!!! My walk-in closet is FULL!!! I would say I wear 60% of everything I own. 40% that I don't wear is stuff that no longer fits or does not fit my lifestyle anymore.
  5. probably about 85% of everything. everything i have is mostly neutral and always in style, so the other 15% is usually winter wear.. aka, turtlenecks and overcoats in scorching 100+ degree? no thanks. lol.
  6. I'm ashamed to say probably about 10-15%. I even give bags of clothes each year to charity.
  7. Since I continually weed out things I don't wear, I hide the bad news from myself. But even among the things I wear, only some get worn a lot to the point where they show wear.

    Once I decide that I really like a particular pair of jeans or slacks I wear them to death -- why wear anything that I like less well than the favorite thing? I could get by with very, very little if I was disciplined enough about buying only the "perfect". But I'm better than I used to be. And rarely take chances with style or color. My clothes are so safe and boring! (That's why I like bags . . .)
  8. I have my work clothes and my fun clothes. I do have to say that I end up using my work clothes a lot, but my fun clothes... maybe 10%... How demoralizing is that. :sad:
  9. I would say probably 30%. That is because I have a billion pieces of clothing, some I bought when I was probably 13 or 14. I am awful for that, I keep everything "just in case"
  10. probably about 50%. i consign things each season, but still end up with a ton of things i don't wear
  11. Maybe 20%. I need to clean out my closet and by clothes that go with everything. I'm really bad at that. And I have a ton of clothes that I have never worn. I'm still waiting for the occasion.
  12. I wear about 30 percent. I am terrible in that I buy some very expensive designer items and think "oh, I must save that for best" and envariably do not wear it. I wish I could get over this mentality that these clothes should only be worn for certain things, and I should wear them and get pleasure out of them, but its hard to do! Alot still have tags on, I really really really must start wearing them. Does anybody else have this problem - loads of prestine clothes and shoes, but almost too scared to wear them ?
  13. yep ~~~~~~~~waving over here !!!
    I have a lot of couture gowns that i worked so hard to get, now I find excuse's why i dont wear them. But i'm getting a little better these days, ive organized them such, so that the next event we attend, i have to wear one of the gowns. Right now there lined up in my closet in order.
  14. :shame: i must say, some of my clothes in my wardrobe still have the price tag still hanging from them... :shame: i've just sold a whole bunch of my stuff off so now, i'd probably have to say, i wear around abou 70% of whats in my wardrobe! i need to buy more staple pieces than buying one off ones! hehehe! i need a personal shopper! hehehe!
  15. i'd say 40%. i also have shoes i haven't worn. i'm so bad.