What Percentage of Hot Celebrity Handbags do You Think They Actually Purchase


The Bargain Hunter
Dec 12, 2005
Designerbagcarrier said:
Gotcha, so Marc gave Oprah the bag. I think Louis Vuitton decided not to do business with JLo anymore because she and her people were greedy. If I remember the story correctly, LV told JLo she could have want ever she wanted and she (and/or "her people") tried to clean them out.
^^ I read that she took the bags after the photoshoot.

I say more than 75%.


Feb 4, 2006
Look at us...if Jessica Simpson carries it, it ends up on this blog. Of course they will give it to her for free! She carries it then we all flock to buy it. When Chloe came out with the Paddington and "sold out" before it ever hit the stores, everyone went insane wanting one. It's all a game. They carry it, we want it, the designers make a killing. At our expense, and not the expense of the people who have all the money.


finding my ♥BLISS♥
Feb 21, 2006
i think pretty much LV and maybe Gucci/Balenciaga don't give them for free or only rarely but everything else is probably free to celebs. i remember a year ago or so before the last season of Newlyweds premiered a bunch of girls everytime they saw the pics of Jessica Simpson wanted to buy everything she had on (bag, clothes, accessories) because they thought it represented her taste/style and they liked her style, but when the last season premiered you got to see an episode that showed her getting tons of boxes of free jewelry/bags/clothes that she eventually got pictured wearing and that in turn everyone wanted.. kinda funny how some of us lust after things that are just handed to celebs for free.. but i guess it proves that there form of "advertising" sometimes works!
If the celeb is someone like Lindsay Lohan who is obviously photographed by a large number of photographers, it would make sense to give them free bags because the celeb advertising the bag makes the company more money than they would get if the celeb bought it, plus the advertising is inexpensive that way.