What Percentage of Hot Celebrity Handbags do You Think They Actually Purchase

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  1. I am sure we can all agree that celebrity get a lot of stuff for free. I wonder how many of those pricey handbags celebrity carry are actually purchased. I believe the majority of handbags celebrities carry are sent to them free of charge. I would say 80% of their bags are free. I know that's a bit high. What are your thoughts?
  2. i would say about 99 percent
  3. Does this mean you think only 1 percent are given to them free of charge?
  4. I think they pay for V E R Y few of anything they own - handbags included. I could agree that they receive 99% of whatthey want for free. Meaning, they ask and it's sent.
  5. I agree.
  6. What Percentage of Hot Celebrity Handbags do You Think They Actually Purchase?

    Anywhere between 0 and 75%. I think it depends on the celebrity though.
  7. I think 50/50 and upwards, depending on the calibre of the celeb. Of course, the bigger the star, the less they pay. Which designer wouldn't like to see their designs on Gwyneth P. or Reese R.?

    If you're that Hilton trash bag, you pay.
  8. superstars pay zilch.
    up and comers get a few free things.
    B and D listers maybe get a discount.

    oh crap! my soap is on! gotta go ladies!
  9. SOOOOO not fair! Esp. considering those are the people who can actually afford them! :sad:
  10. Sad to say, although Hilton is not even a Z list star, she still receives lots of perks/freebies. She probably pays for very few handbags. She may pay for the fakes, but nothing else (LOL).
  11. I agree...I think most of what they own is free. But it would depend, I guess. If celebrities are seen with their stuff (i.e. Nicole Richie with Balenciaga), I bet she gets all of them free because she keeps wearing them. Great advertisement for them!
  12. I'm beginning to think, that since LV is known for NOT giving their bags free to celebs, that maybe she purchases those fakes out of spite.
    Probably ever other designer gives her free swag and it pisses her off that LV won't do the same.
  13. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought Marc Jacobs sent Oprah a bag for free at the request of Naomi Campell who most likely receives free bags as well.
  14. Paris Hilton gets SO much for free. She gets PAID TO PARTY!

    And I think celebs get most if not all of their stuff for free..
  15. Jane Magazine just did an article on this. Yeah, pretty much everything is free if they ask for it, or else very heavily discounted.