What pen/pencil do you use with your agenda?

  1. Do you buy Louis Vuitton pens/pencils for your agenda? Or do you go somewhere else?

    Also, in your opinion, is it worth spending $100-300 on a Louis Vuitton pen?

  2. I have the pink pen from LV (maybe called the "nail" pen?) that I use with my agenda. Not sure if it's "worth" it, but it's pink and cute, so I got it! LOL
  3. I use a BIC pen (I haven't found a permeant one yet) thats for my medium agenda... If i had a small one I'd get the small pink Tiffany pen thats $85.
  4. I use an LV pen in my small LV agenda.
  5. I use a large LV gold pen:yes:

    Id love to get an alligator covered one:love:
  6. I have a medium agenda so my HG Pentel R.S.V.P fine point pens fit in the pen slot :smile:
  7. I think I have the same... in my mini Koala w/ rose interior. It's worth it to me, to match. Heehee. I also use a hello kitty pen sometimes.
  8. I keep losing my pens so I won't be investing a $100 on a pen. haha
  9. I have a Scheaffer gold pen for my Large Ring Agenda.


    My minipen doesn't fit into the ring of my Small Ring, so I put it into the Cles I have attached. I use mine as a wallet, so the pen's in there with coins and my usb key. I'd love a proper LV pen, but for for $230!!! Plus I think any pen skinny enough to fit into that loop would almost be too darn tiny to write with. :push:

  10. I have a tiffany purse pen :smile: I dunno about LV but when I bought the tiffany, the SA said they provide free lifetime refills.
  11. I just don't put any pen "in" the slot, I have it hang by the hanging part in the pen slot rather than totally put in there.. so basically any pen that hangs around is fine !
  12. ideally, i would love an lv pen...BUT, i don't think i could write with something that tiny. or else i would lose it (they're so little, i know i would...)

    and the tiffany ones didn't fit. so i'm basically just not writing in there, lol.
  13. I have a silver LV pen that i use with my agenda
  14. No, LV doesn't provide free lifetime refills. The refills cost $6.00 USD. :yes:
  15. I use the little baby pink LV pen, it's perfect with my koala agenda, I love it!!!