what pen do you use?

  1. hi,
    What pen/pencil do you write with in your ulysse or agenda? Does hermes have a notebook/agenda that has a pen loop? Do you use a different brand?
  2. In my Vision Agenda I have the little silver Hermes pencil on a chain.
  3. I have a silver H pencil
  4. ^How much are those, do you ladies remember?
  5. I got mine as a gift... I don't think they cost a lot, I am guessing $100-150.
  6. $335 Usd.
  7. ^mine is the 11cm one with the chain, though. I got it in NY this April.
  8. ^Thank you, thinking of getting one if my other pens don´t quite cut it.
  9. Mine is the little silver pencil....

  10. Hermes makes various pens and pencils. They also have an agenda where the loops meets so that a pencil can go through the loops and keeps the agenda closed.
  11. I use a Mont Blanc pen that I slip into the rings of the Ulysse agenda.
  12. That's exactly what I do for my large Ulysse at work. On the small one that I keep in my purse I have a fairly short silver Cross pen that I slip into the rings.
  13. I have a little silver pencil like Rose's for my GM agenda, and then I use ordinary Pilot G2s to put in the rings of my Ulysse. I have trouble keeping track of things, so that's best. I've always wondered about a Mont Blanc - what size fits the Ulysse rings? TIA.
  14. I have a silver Cross pencil that I received as a college graduation present years ago. :tup:
  15. I use a mikimoto small silver pen with a pearl on top of the pen. I think it's nice and elegant, costs only USD30-40.

    I saw a few of the shooting pictures (bags with agenda, wallet), and saw some of you using Hermes bags, agenda, wallet, but using a plastic made pen (grabbed from hotel, pilot brand and other cheap brands). I was a bit surprised when seeing such expensive bags with that few cents worth pen!