What pedicure nail colors are you wearing?

  1. What colors are new for spring??? I always stick to my favorite Chanel red color. I don't think I would like the lighter colors. My sis does some more trendy colors. She does Chanel black (I hated this look) and then she had a dark brown and a dark blue. They really did not look normal to me.
    So what are you wearing????
  2. According to everything I have read, and my pedicurist, red and baby pinks are in right now. Red is always in, but for spring, make it a bright red like OPI's Friar Friar Pants on Fire, or Chanel's Shanghai red. The Chanel blacks and the OPI purples and blues are out right now since they are a winter mix.
  3. I live in Florida colors here are always bright and lovely...At the moment I have on Strawberry margarita by OPI....the only time I wear red is when I am in Chicago ( my other home)
  4. Ha! I just painted my nails this morning with Shanghai Red. Love it!
  5. Ballet Slippers by Essie
  6. I usually just keep a french pedi unless I want to coordinate with an outfit for a special occasion. French goes with everything and doesn't need to be redone as often (I go every three weeks). I'm boring!
  7. I do French, all the time. All the other colors could be scary to me. Boring?????:crybaby:
  8. I usually stick with Fiji by Essie.
  9. I only use OPI and find their polish stays on really well with no chipping. I am currently wearing Dutch Tulips on my toes (fingers are French only).
  10. GOLD! It's not something that I'd ever go for, but I kinda put it on by accident. I thought the bottle was like a pale silver under the bright sunlight - how wrong I was. It actually looks kinda nice now that I have tanned feet to go with it, it was cute with my brown flip flops.
  11. atm i'm wearing rescue beauty black russian on my toes :smile:
  12. i'm still wearing my chanel black satin, lol.
  13. Purple! Yup! Carnivale by Sally Hansen.
  14. I usually stick w/ a-natural.

    But I just painted mine today a bright pink...Sally Hansen 'Certainly Cherry'.

    I have no luck w/opi polish...it won't stay on my nails! I really like essie though...
  15. i use nivea nail polish express, 1 in pink w/ purple tone & 1 in light brown. it is quick and no top coat require.