What pattern do you prefer on clothing?


Which pattern do you prefer (on clothing)?

  1. plaid

  2. paisley

  3. floral

  4. argyle

  5. check

  6. houndstooth

  7. other (please specify)

  8. none

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  1. ... and why do you prefer it?
  2. I love houndstooth and leopard print. Houndstooth looks great on tops when it's a very small pattern. It's also great on coats.
  3. Oooo! I knew there was a category that I'd forgotten... animal print!!

    I thought this would be fun -- just to choose the type of pattern that you choose to buy more than others (on clothes, but, also, on accessories).
  4. I generally don't like patterns, with the exception of Pucci.
  5. ^^ love Pucci
  6. I generally wear solid colours but I do like florals and sometimes stripes if I choose any sort of pattern.
  7. I like pretty florals... similar to vintage kimono fabrics etc. I HATE and will never wear animal print. I like striped too.
  8. I like florals (including abstract and especially Chinoiserie and Japonoiserie) and I'm also liking paisley and abstract geometric shapes, like chevrons and zig zags (as seen, this season, at Gucci, Versace, Matthew Williamson, Calvin Klein, Giles, Anna Sui and of course, Missoni) and diamond shapes at the moment. :love:

    I like some animal prints, but only in small doses. I also prefer them if the whole animal is depicted (or its face, like my tiger head bag).

    Houndstooth is nice when it's in black with a colour, like red, or blue. But I'm not keen on monochrome as it makes my eyes go funny! :blink:

    I've never been much of a tartan girl (except on mini kilts!).

    Don't mind lumberjack plaid, though!

    I also love Pucci. :heart:
  9. Plaid! :nuts: I have two pairs of plaid pants that I love. Wearing one right now, in fact :graucho: I also love striped shirts. I have a few from Forever 21 that I really like wearing.
  10. I love plaid, too. Sometimes, a large flannel shirt with a cami top and jeans just feels so good. :o)
  11. I guess one of the reasons why I thought up this poll was because I realized that I tend to buy quite a bit of pattern -- but that I do prefer certain kinds of pattern over others.

    I realized that I'd left out stripes (and pinstripe), just now. Also, I left out fatigue/camouflage and polka dot!
  12. How about all of the above? Okay, I'm not wild about gingham and checks. I only use those for draping to see if a garment I'm considering will work with a print.
    Argyle is for socks and I have several pair of those!
    Oh, just to you don't think I dress like some flower child from the 60's, I don't wear them all at once.
  13. I love pattern too -- I get what you mean! I don't wear stripes much, though.
  14. I completely agree. I do like some plaid shirts or pants, but it all depends when I see it.
  15. I like houndstooth, I think it looks classy.

    I tend to avoid patterns for some reason...most of my clothes are solid. Harder for me to screw the look up, I guess!