What particular LV Monogram is this??? Help me please!

  1. my friend is selling me her LV monogram handbag - I know it's authentic. Problem is, I've already checked out LV sites and even Google images, I still cant find what particular LV monogram this is. I am so thankful I came across this site! :smile:

    So please help me.



    thanks everyone!!!:dothewave:
  2. thanks for moving my thread :smile: anyone? help me please!
  3. I believe it is called a Sac Triangle...they do come up on eBay every so often...
  4. Can you downsize your pics? They are taking forever to load for me.

    More pics needed - all sides, interior, date code, zipper pull

  5. im sorry about that. where can i see the date code?:sad:
  6. some more pics:




    im sorry, but i cant resize the image :sad:
  7. ^^^ Okay, working for me now - maybe my IE...

    Interior pics please

  8. where can i see the date code?

    [​IMG]interior (sorry, i cant take a nicer angle, just using my fones camera)

  9. Yup, it looks like the Sac Triangle to me.

    As for the date code, try searching along the seam of the bag inside by the zipper? :shrugs:
  10. Hello,
    I believe this bag is the ancestor of the Popincourt ! I never saw it before ! Thanks for the pic !
  11. Hope you buy it!