What part of beef to stew? New to cooking meat and kinda confused

  1. All the recipes either say "beef", "beef, chopped" or "half pound of lean beef" :cursing: Some pieces of meat look right on the screen, but I think they are meant for steak. Other parts look too fatty. I made curry beef once (Japanese style) and it got too overcooked but I thought the beef is supposed to simmer for hours! I must have used the wrong part of the cow.

    They never tell me what part to buy and I go to the supermarket (or in my case freshdirect.com) and I'm so confused. :shrugs:

    Same goes for other recipes with pork, etc. Chicken is so much simpler. Please help! The recipes look so yummy.:drool:
  2. I cooked Japanese beef curry too. Normally I used chuck or shank part to stew, definitely not lean beef!!! (see pic)
  3. ^i agree. chuck or shank for long cooking.
  4. I also use chuck when I am making beef stew in the slow cooker (usually try to let it cook for at least 6 hrs, and then it falls apart). I have also used london broil, which is leaner and also worked well, but usually is more expensive than chuck.
  5. Chuck is good for slow cooking--they also sell stuff labled stew beef, which would probably work just fine.

    Litagatrix--I assume that you are an attorney? Great name, by the way:smile: