What paperwork should come with new LV bag?

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  1. So I bought my first LV Mono Alma last week from the LV store in Michigan and as I was reading some of these posts it was mentioned you can find out where your bag was made....either France or USA. Where do I find this?

    I went through the the only paperwork I received and there is only the receipt and some other little tags which seem to offer no information. Is this weird?? I'm kind of freaking out even though I bought the bag from the actual LV store, but since this is my first purchase I don't know if there is missing paperwork! Authenticity paperwork?? I'd like some info from people who have bought LV bags new in case I need to call the store. Thanks for your help!!
  2. look at the stamp that says Louis Vuitton Made in _____.
  3. Thanks ulikeymahpurze? I found the codes....made in 15th week of 2010 in France. But what about paperwork? Is there supposed to be a letter of authenticity or something?
  4. The only letter of authenticity that you get is the receipt. :smile:
  5. If you bought it from a LV store, it is authentic. Don't bother worrying yourself about the counterfeit 'horror' stories. They're not true.
  6. As far a I'm aware you don't recieve a certificate of authenticity.
    (And the people who say they have a reciept + certificate of authenticity in eBay ads... Who knows what they are referring to lol?!)
  7. I didn't get any authenticity cards (and LV doesn't make them). When I purchased my Alma I got care cards/Vernis maintenance info, etc inside the pocket. This is the only time I got some paperwork with a purchase. I didn't get any with my other BN bags.
  8. Thanks a lot for the info ladies, I feel so much better now!!!:smile:
  9. one thing I have noticed is that the only LV that seem to come with authenticity cards are not authentic. every "LV" on a certain site known for fakes has that claim of an authenticity card included. Mine came with a tag of sorts in the pocket of my speedy and my receipt inside a cool little LV folder thats it! and I know mine is authentic I bought my speedy in Aspen at the LV boutique.
  10. I just bought a Tivoli PM for my girlfriend, at a Neiman Marcus store as a gift.

    She says that the LV bags should come with a Certificate of Authenticity, an envelope containing Care instructions, as well plastic packing tubing on the handles that you take off. Her bag is has the Made in the USA tag inside...

    Her relatives from the UK had bought LV products from the LV store in London and their bags came with the Care instructions and envelope with the certificate and the plastic packing tubing on the handles.

    Does LV do different things relative to where the bag is pruchased?
  11. ^^ OMG I don't mean to be rude and assume things but i strongly believe her relatives may be purchasing fake bags.

    LV does not make a Certificate of Authenticity. Your receipt from the LV store or NM or Saks is your proof.

    Congrats to your girl on her new Tivoli PM..... I have the GM and I love it!
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    it was bought at one of the LV stores in London

    does LV handle sales differently in other countries as opposed to the US? Did LV ever issue Certificates, in any country?
  13. Oh ok not that I know of. Perhaps some one from another country can be of more help!
  14. They do not give out certificates of authenticity in Asia. As said by other posters, the receipt is the best proof of authenticity. I guess a lot of people expect authenticity cards/slips because the other brands have them.

    Only certain collections (and not 100% of the time) will include a care booklet. All items (except some really small items, like bag charms perhaps) are stamped with Made in _____.
  15. I got one of my LV bag in Rome and there was no authenticity card. They asked for your info such as name and address. I got a receipt, care for instruction booklet as well as a dust bag and a cleaning cloth. I also asked that they give me one that were made in France if possible which they did but the handles were not wrapped at all. Hopes this help you.