What pair of louboutins would you get from saks website?

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  1. My sister got a 10% off coupon code valid until next month.. and then I have $100 egc that expires at the end of March. Was thinking of getting a 'classic' as they never go on sale. I love the python but I'm in California so I can't get any of those. I already got a pair of mount street from Nordstrom..

    Thinking of getting the very prive in black (although I would prefer getting the numero prive). Although the pink rolando looks fun...
  2. ^^ you can get the python, and ship it to a friend who lives out of state. your friend can then ship it to you =).
  3. I would get the python Rolando.
    Like lux said...ship it to a friend out of state then have them ship it to you. Sooo much easier!
  4. The hyper prives are absolutely sick. I tried them on at the meetup and they're amazing. I think the bubblegum color would go well with the new pink McQueen skull scarf that's out.

    But pink shoes are a bit daring for me, I'm afraid.
  5. I think the VP in black patent or kid is a great classic :tup:

    but the python Rolando is also a good choice, too... do you have to use the coupon online? it would be best to just go to a Saks, try on a few different pairs, and then pick.
  6. I agree with getting a more classic style.
    A VP or Rolando would be fabulous!
  7. I love the Black Patent VPs! But if you have a 10%, you should go for something huge, like the Python Rolando!
  8. I would get the black kid vp's with contrasting toe if they have it in stock in your size, a great classic choice IMO. I also agree that the pythons rolandos on saks.com are TDF!
  9. I have one of those coupons too and I just can't figure out what to buy either. I might just go with black simples because I know I can wear them to work and I'll never find them on sale..
  10. go for the Python...hands down.
  11. i would go for neither of the above mentioned...

    my choice would be the nude patent yoyos, 110mm...
    classic... perfect...
  12. since you say you like the NPs, go for that! classic black
  13. Black patent hyper prive or VP's most versatile shoe!
  14. definetly pyhton rolando.
  15. Another vote for the python rolandos.