What pair of Coach shoes and Coach bag could you not live without

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I thought it would be fun to find out about what single Coach bag and pair of Coach shoes do you own that you could never be without. I could probably get rid of my other coach items and be content with my two essentials. ;)

    I own 2 pairs of the Janessa wedges and I could never be without them. They are the most comfortable wedges ever and I love them to death. I have the red leather/khaki signature and the black leather/black and white signature. I wore them every other day over the summer.

    The bag that I couldn't be without is the Healthy Child Scribble Diaper Bag! I used this bag over the summer as a laptop tote and I adore it. The colors are perfect for spring and summer and were bright and fun. There were tons of pockets so it fit everything I needed for medical school. Getting this bag took me forever, because I had to call so many stores before I found one that had it and could ship it to me. So knowing that getting it was a challenge makes it even more special.

    So now that you have heard about mine, what pair of Coach shoes and Coach bag could you not live without? Please post pics if you can, I would love to see them! :yes:
    PICT6624.JPG 10676_d1.jpg
  2. Well, because of the weather I would have to choose my Tattersall rain boots (or either pair of scarf print) and my Felicia in British Tan.
  3. I love my Ladie embossed black leather ballet flats, but I think my favorite shoes are my Lindsay flip-flops....

    and bag? Easy! Crimson signature stripe reversible tote. It's one of the only bags I didn't sell when I got into Hermes, and still my favorite Coach!
  4. Well for me, the bag choice was easy. My old-faithful, Soho Mini Signature flap bag circa 2004. I absolutely ADORE this bag:heart::heart: & I have the matching wallet. The shoe was a little harder, but I would have to say my Indianna Boucle Pumps from Fall 2005. I like my Mackenzie snowboots (although every time I'm short of cash I try to sell them) a lot, too! Too bad I live in Southeast where they are strictly for fashion!:lol:
    DSCF1322.JPG DSCF1325.JPG DSCF1078.JPG
  5. I've never bought Coach shoes (yet) but separation from my Brown Small Zip Bleecker would cause me physical pain.

  6. Oh I :heart: your pumps! I have never seen them before. They look gorgeous! :drool:

    Do you have a bigger picture? It's hard to see the detail.
  7. Ok I want these ..
  8. I LOVE Coach shoes

  9. For shoes, probably my Ladie black signature ballet flats. i lived in those shoes over the summer. And I just got my clay Maxenes so I'd have to say those too. For bags...sorry...I can't choose...
  10. I seriously cannot choose a bag. I *suppose* my Ergo Hobo since it's roomy AND comfortable, but I would be lost without my Sig Stripe Tote, Large Carly AND Hamptons Carryall.


  11. Thanks!:smile: They are a great shoe! I always get sooo many compliments on them & you really don't see them much anymore. I used to have the matching bag, but I sold it b/c I only used it when I wore that outfit & thought I could use the $$ for other things. Here's another pic-I hope this one comes out better; I'm not so good with pix!;)
    DSCF1325 (2).JPG
  12. Alas, I don't own any Coach shoes but the bag I can't live without is definitely my whiskey Ali. She's an all around jewel!
  13. Though I'm not carrying them right now the last bag I would ever part with is my brown Legacy 06 shoulder bag, followed by my early 2007 Hamptons business tote. These are the best bags in history. As for shoes, I'd never part with my signature ballet flats (not sure of name), or my Josies.
  14. I have 6 pair of Coach shoes and I love them all for different reasons - but the one pair I would keep is the gold Valari flats. The bag I would keep is my black patent ergo hobo.
  15. I just got the Ireland wedges in the gold crinkle leather....and as my only Coach shoes, I guess they'd be my choice! LOL. And you would have to pry my turquoise Ergo tote out of my cold dead hands ;)