What paddy colors are available in 2007???

  1. So I'm wondering what color paddies are being made in 2007?

    So far I know of galet and muscade...but what else is there?:shrugs:

    And is chocolate still being produced?:wtf:

    Ta everyone!:flowers:
  2. i wanna know too!
    but I know mais is a 2007 color :smile:

    anyone else? ;)
  3. Oooh thanks fennelcake!;)

    Any more everyone?????
  4. There is also: -

    • Cannelle - translates to Cinnamon but IRL is more of a dark, dusty peach
    • Roche - Roche which translates to Rock and is a dark grey/brown
    • Blanc - Stark, bright white
    • Moka - Very , very dark brown - almost black
    • Black
    Muscade and Mais are my personal favs this season :heart:

    As far as I am aware those are all the colours - anyone else know of any more?
  5. Oooooooooh thanks everyone!!!!!:flowers:

    And Balchlfen - I'm totally with you - muscade is my fave out of all the 07 colors so far.........
  6. There is a lovely royal blue, called what else(?) "royal" (brass hardware) at Neiman Marcus. First my daughter bought it, then I started thinking about it and couldn't resist! Had to buy one too, but the SA had to get mine from the Dallas store! They are going fast and I don't think they got too many in! :sad: And I already have the blue nuit from '05 (somebody help!!!!):nuts: It's brighter though...different enough to justify another blue!!!:wlae: I am on a blue kick right now. I bought the metallic dark blue ('06) with the black hardware from Bluefly, and just bought (from a wonderful PF'r) the navy blue with the silver hardware on eBay! She will be loving to join all her new "friends" when she gets here! I have the jeans moyen paddy as well, so I should be all "blued out" for a while!:jammin:
  7. :yahoo: nice* I love blues!! when you get all your bags, you should line them up and take some pretty photos for us:graucho: :heart:
  8. I think that's all of the colours, other than the metallics. Also, roche comes with either silver hardware or white, and I think black comes with white too.

    I love so many of the colours, Muscade definitely, but roche is growing on me, and so is mais...
  9. No more chocolate. The last one I saw was an 02-06. I have to say that the leather on my choco was the most amazing leather on any of my paddy's -- even the 05s, IMHO. But it was very squishy, like a puddle when it was empty.

    Well worth find a pre-loved one if you are into that color. :heart:

    Mine just found a new mommy and hopefully will get more use than I was able to provide. :p

  10. Leanbeanie, I agree, we must have a picture of all of your blues lined up together, that would be great!
  11. Yes, please do us a blue line up! That would be fab. I am especially interested in seeing your Jeans Moyen - think that could be my next one... (what am I saying, next one?!!:wtf:)