What outfits to wear with these boots?

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  1. [​IMG]
    Jeans and boots are obvious. Just trying to get some other casual ideas. Thanks!
  2. Are those Lanvin's? Skinny jeans tucked in with a tee shirt or long sweater, hoodie, anything really on top. Or you could do boot cut if you don't want the whole boot to show. Anything really goes with them.
  3. I love those boots... can I ask who the designer/brand is?
  4. Definitely not skirts - skirts with flat boots doesn't catch my fancy. Skinny jeans will work well, thick black tights and even riding pants (think Hermes' riding looks)...
  5. iF you wear over the knee socks and pull them down a bit it gives the boot a different look.
  6. They are by Lanvin. : )