What outfit to wear with Gray patent pumps

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  1. i want to get myself this pump (coz i think it's cute hehe) but aside from black, am not really sure what other combination top-pants (especially jeans since this is what i wear the most) to wear with it so i need you fashion experts' advise! thanks!
  2. do you have a pic of the shoe?
  3. Very pretty shoe guccilove. How about white jeans with a pretty multicolored top? or even all white with the the grey pumps would work well.

    Something like this perhaps?

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  4. How about a cute yellow dress?
  5. I'm wearing an electric blue DVF dress with metallic grey pumps today
  6. i agree! yellow & gray can look fabulous together!
  7. Hi guccilove! You can wear those pumps with just about anything! They're look great with just about any dress of any color and I also love to pair pumps with capri pants :smile:
  8. I think a red top or a red dress would look nice with gray.
  9. wow thanks guys!! you all have some really reallly good suggestions! so far, there's white pants with multicolor top (or all white), capri pants, and yellow, blue, and red dresses!

    i just have sooo much to learn about fashion.....:P
  10. I have grey patent sling backs that I wear with dark denim...looks killer. I also love grey with red and black.
  11. thanks rileygirl! im picturing that whole look in my mind and i already think it's a 'killer' as well!! i will definitely do this look too....thanks so much!
  12. My favorite colors to pair with grey are camel/caramel and, recently, brown. If you tend to wear a lot of denim, I think these would look amazing with a camel or brown cardigan layered with a white tank.
  13. You're welcome. I'll try to post a pic if I can find one. I think grey patent is totally underestimated but when I wear them I get lots of compliments. They worked so well that I got some grey suede ones as well!
  14. yeah that would be great if we could see a picture!!
    anyway, i think you're right about grey patents being underestimated because i didn't even realize how well that color goes with a lot of things until a few days ago when i was browsing and took a real good look at it, then that's when i realized that it would be a really versatile color to have.....:smile:

    i can see how a really dark denim will work great with it, along with a red/black top as well....... =)