what outfit should I wear with ballet espadrilles?

  1. Hi guys. Hope I post this in the right forum ( please delete or move if not). I just bought Hollywould ballet espadrilles in gold and I am not sure what outfit I should wear them with. I think they are cute with A-line skirt or tiered skirt. Any other suggestion? Thanks much!
  2. -cargo knee length shorts or any knee length shorts -- denim, plain, or patterened
    -babydolls/flowy dress
    -a jumpsuit but w/ shorts or it can be long too (you won't see the ballet detail though)

    This is just off the top of my head... i don't know forsure though because I would have to see the shoe. do you have any pics to share?
  3. thanks d&g rockstar. I'll try to take the picof the shoes later.
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