What Outfit Do **you** Wear With Flats!!

  1. I just ordered my first pair of tory burch reva flats
    the black with gold hardware

    i was going to go more conservative and go with the black on black but didn't
    hope i didn't make the wrong decision

    any ideas what looks best with the black and gold?
    i am asian, black hair & dark brown eyes

    with pics? would be very helpful!



  2. Cute flats.

    I don't know what your personal style is, but how about something like this.....

  3. Here's another idea.

  4. Some more....


  5. I love all of those. I definitely pair them with skinny jeans.....it's a must!
  6. neptune...I love your cute wardrobe ideas!!! I just got the black on black tory burch revas and have been wearing them with dark blue skinny jeans and 3 quarter button down shirts.
  7. Thanks. I just found this Polyvore website the other night and I've been playing around on it since. It's addicting!!!
    Just playing around with the tory's makes me want a pair now....
  8. ^^ That Polyvore site is cool!
  9. it really is a cool site haha
  10. I don't like to wear flats, but I think they are cute.
    I would really love to be able to wear flats, but I am so short (5'3) and I get really self conscious if I have to look up to minority lol. I am heel obsessed. Sometimes I worry about what will happen a couple years from now- will my feet turn out like VB's? eek
  11. I'm 5' and typically always wear heels. I never in my life thought I would buy a pair of flats but I recently bought tory burch reva's and I am awaiting their arrival. I took the plunge because I got them 20% off, and they look so comfy and at this point, I think I need to give my feet a rest. I say get over the short issue especially when you can look cute anyway!:supacool:
  12. Mostly anything! Bermudas, skirts, jeans.. I basically wear my flats everywhere. They're sooo comfy, even if they come from Target lol. I think true red, white, and black are the best matches for the colour combo you chose on the shoes.
  13. Very cute ideas! I have some TB flats too which are currently outshining my black suede prada drivers, LOL.

    Anyway, I typically wear 'em with black wide leg slacks, a black cashmere t-shirt and my amazing Vince black wool shrug.
  14. Flats go with slim jeans and skirts
  15. hahaha i love flats even though i am a shorty @ 5'1.. i hate wearing heels and HATE discomfort.