What *other* wallets do you carry??

  1. I have to send in my Mono French Purse for repair and am trying to come up with a replacement wallet in the meantime. Something that which look good with both the mono and my new fawn epi - any suggestions?? thanks gals!
    p.s. have I said how annoyed I am that the stitching is already coming out after only 1 1/2 years -
  2. do you want an LV or something inexpensive until you get your LV back?

    i always carry inexpensive wallets and have had good luck with liz claiborne and nine west (i find them at ross or the outlets). they have fun colors and versital styles.
  3. No more LV wallets - just something nice and sturdy and medium size.
  4. How about Coach ? They're less pricey, and there's a really cute medium sized, brown and all leather one - I can't remember the name of it, but there's a buckle. A few PF-ers have bought it and it's gorgeous !
  5. HI Ayla - I think I know which one you are talking about - is it this:
  6. That's the one !
  7. i use marc jacobs wallets. the ones with 2 pockets in the front.
  8. I was going to recommend Coach as well.
  9. that coach wallet is actually fab...it fits so much! the only reason i don't have one is doesn't come in a bright color yet. i have this weird thing about needing a red or otherwise easy to find wallet in my bottomless pit bags. :smile:
  10. I've never had any problems w/ my LV wallets but maybe cause I rarely even open them up cause I never really put anything in it. I always have my credit cards and little cash. Enough to still keep it's 'brand new' shape. But my friends on the otherhand have had their wallets ripped and etc.
  11. If you have a store nearby, Bally's sale might still be on, and they cut prices by 50% or so on most of the store.
  12. burberry, prada, gucci, and other small wallets from tjmaxx

  13. Coach wallets are awesome. I have three of them, and they hold up great! If you have an outlet by you, go there first, or sometimes TJ Maxx has them on sale. Also, TJ Maxx often has Lovcat wallets, which are also pretty good.
  14. Kate Spade wallets are nice, though they were nicer when they were still Made in Italy :P
  15. Coach has some really nice wallets that look great with LV! Get yoruself a nice all leather one-they are beautiful!