What other things do BV lovers collect?

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  1. I find collections interesting. I have an extensive teddy bear collection, many signed by the artists who made them. Ten years ago I started collecting frogs; another extensive collection. Now that DH and I are empty nesters, we talk about downsizing and moving into a smaller more maintenance free home. It's going to be difficult deciding what to keep and what to part with.
  2. I AM a teddy bear artist! I also have a large collection of artist teddy bears, as well as Nisbet and Hermann bears.

    My other collection is netsuke.

    Then there are the fairy lamps.

    Also, those brightly colored carved Oaxacan animals.

    And, Southern/Western African succulents

    Collections can get overwhelming...I recently let go of my Yixing teapot collection.
  3. I used to collect all kinds of stuff when I was a kid, even the wrapping paper from chocolates that my parents or my uncle brought me from foreign countries, but I stopped collecting when I moved to my own place.

    Although, I own every single issue of French Vogue magazine from the last 3 years and I won`t part with it!

    Talk about being a fashion victim!
  4. Like c-24 I collected a lot more things when I lived at home and didn't have to actually pay to have room to store my collections. At one point I had a rather extensive eraser collection... that now seems rather strange. They are all probably still in my Dad's attic!

    Now, besides my new growing BV collection, my DH and I do have quite a substantial collection of Alessi items. I guess we just really like Italian design both in accessories and in household items!

    Oh, and I guess we sort of collect beagles (I really would like to get a fourth some day...)!
  5. Not much of a collector myself, cause I things that usually get my fancy are pretty ex... but have recently started to like Hermes scarves! OMG, their range is amazing and the design is so intricate. May be starting a little collection here soon.... heee
  6. i used to collect Swatch watches. used to make sure i lay my hands on each and every limited edition piece that they launch. that was when i was in college.

    i dont really collect anything now coz of space constraints but i am obssessed with shoes, bags and toiletries. yeah, i think i am weird. i love buying toiletries of different brands for both skin care and body care. i have enough lotions and creams at home to "last till the next century" (thats the quote from DH)
  7. I collect carnival glass. I tried collecting orchids and growing them but that lasted for about a week and I killed them over with overwatering. Now I stick to the silk living plants so I can't kill them.
  8. Before I was obsessed with bags, I was obsessed with cosmetics :smile: I still have a few drawers full of makeup. Favourite brands are MAC, Stila, Paul n Joe. Deviated into Japanese brands like Kate, Aube, Lavshuca, Jill Stuart just to name a few. Oh and I collect Stila tote bags that comes free with purchase.
  9. I'm wracking my brain trying to think of something I collect, but nope I don't collect anything except cat hair on my clothes and dirty dishes in the sink! I used to collect My Little Ponies when I was a kid, does that count? I guess technically I'm collecting Hermes scarves, but it's so hard to spend money on them when I'm supposed to be saving up for a Kelly!
  10. ^ I'm with you ouija board. The only thing I'm collecting these days other than bag/shoes/clothes/accessories (material stuff) are wrinkles!!! LOL. When I was younger (ahem) I used to collect erasers of all shapes and sizes (you know those that came in cute shapes and smell wonderful) and loads of soft toys (dolls, teddy bears, trolls, Hello Kitty, Snoopy etc etc). I still love Peanuts and would buy anything Snoopy-related if I like them!

    Oh, and anything pig-related these days too.
  11. Not sure if it is really a collection (*I'm in denial*), but I have lots of fragrances, around 30 or more full sized bottles and countless smaller bottles.

    I also love body products and have more than enough shower gels and lotions to last for the next few years.

    I am *finally* over my cosmetics obsession (I think). I used to buy most of the collections from MAC and Stila and any brands which caught my fancy.
  12. try as i might, can't think of anything that i collect other than bags and useless clutter! gosh, i'm boring...
  13. Vietnamese oil and lacquer paintings...
  14. Hey Miss Piggy - another eraser collector!
  15. I used to collect chocolate wrappers too, along with stamps, fashion magazines, anything with ladybugs, even the paper napkins with the restaurants' logos printed on them! now i just collect postcards, DVDs and music CDs.
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