What other social networks are you on?

  1. I'm realising that I'm way too connected to the internet...besides TPF, I spend my time on these sites:

    last.fm (music site)
    twitter (social SMSing site)

    I had to quite Myspace because it was too much of a time-waster!

    That said, I think it's time for me to sign off and get some air!

    What sites do you frequent?
  2. flickr!!!!! :yahoo:

    A few forums here and there, nothing much more
  3. tPF
    Myspace (but I don't use it..)
    Facebook (don't use it either)

    That's it :smile:
  4. tPF
  5. flickr (as miserynotes)
    livejournal (as purly)
    myspace (though I don't really use it much)
    delicious (again, I don't use it much)
    etsy (again, I don't use it much)
    shopstyle (as purly)
    Um, I know there are more I'm not thinking of.
  6. I'm not counting tPf as a social network, it is a forum; my post would be hella long if I added all the forums I participate in.

    As for social networking sites:
    Flickr (don't really use it, though)
    Facebook (spend the most time here)
    CafeMom (don't really use it)
  7. Facebook.

    I have a myspace that I rarely sign on to (maybe once a month) and a flickr account for my pics, but most of my activity is here and on facebook.
  8. Facebook-is awesome!
  9. Facebook and Myspace. Facebook is like a drug [​IMG]
  10. nice flickr stream! mine is /noele
    especially nice photos of food, looks delicious!
  11. now I have to check facebook if you say it's a drug SPOILEDkiwi
  12. just tpf... i spend all my time here, i don't have time to spend on other forums!!!
  13. Bebo and 43 things(though I rarely update them). I had a Livejournal for ages, but it took up too much time so I had to get rid.

    I'm tempted to join Facebook but really don't want to get hooked. I'm not interested in Myspace though.

    I NEED to get my Flickr up and running too.
  14. Thanks! Feel free to add me, haven't managed to come up with your name through search. :smile:
  15. Livejournal & Facebook :smile: