What other ppl think ??

  1. Ok so as most of you may know I just purchased my first LV bag- It was a Black Epi Speedy 35. I know alot of ppl dont appreciate LV like me, except for you tPF'rs, but do they have to put me down? MY bfs mother was like how much did this cost? I said $400 she was like "Girl you are out of your mind paying $400 for that ugly purse cuz it sure aint cute,"which REALLY pissed me off and I'm like well I bought it with MY money, KWIM ?? Then my aunt is like "Well it looks like a doctors bag, are you going to make a house visit??" And I'm like its really none of your business and I bought it with my hard earned money [I am only 18] And it just like really pisses me off when other ppl try to put you down on something YOU LOVE when really all that matters is that YOU LOVE IT! I told my bf that what I buy with my money is my business and from now on I guess I will just keep to myself about those things. I hope you all realize where I'm coming from and I just had to vent!!!!! :sad:

    :heart:you all, thanks for listening :s
  2. I agree! there's no reason for people to be mean...at the end of the day, it's YOUR money and you can spend it however you like!

    p.s. that's a GORGEOUS bag, no matter what anybody says!
  3. Thanks. I def wouldnt it let it influence the opinion of my bag bc I LOVE IT!! ha =]
  4. I wouldnt take what others say or think to heart. If you enjoy carrying what you bought and didnt have an issue spending the $$ done worry about and enjoy your bag!
  5. Well YOU love it and it was YOUR money that bought the bag, not hers.
    Don't let her comments get to you, everyone likes different things.
  6. Wow, those are really rude things for those people to say!!! I personally don't even respond to people that ask me how much my bags are. It's a rude question to ask, and it doesn't even merit a response. Ignore those people. You earned what you have, and snide comments like that are made by people who are plain ignorant or envious.
  7. thanks guys :heart:
  8. I can't even believe your BF's mother had the audacity to even say something like that even if she was joking!! But don't let comments like that get you down. If you're happy with your bags, that's all that matters!!!
  9. I love epi speedy.. so classy. have fun with your georgeus bag
  10. Lynpink- I couldnt either ! But hey, whatever floats her boat is her biz and my Louis is mine!
  11. to each his own, many styles dun appeal to everybody, for me, i dun really care what others feel about my bag so long as i like it and i know that i look good in it.
    epi is a great line from lv and you can rest assured that while many others will not appreciate it, there are many others out there who loves it simplicity and elegance.
  12. very nicely put reon!
  13. ~Veelyn~Congrats on your first LV:tup:such good taste, that's for sure! And YES, I do know where you're coming from...but, NO worries on what others may think or even their comments:nogood: Unfortunately, you'll encounter many ppl. that are just envious of your exquisite taste:yucky: On the other hand, you'll also encounter many more ppl. that appreciate what you have. ENJOY your pretty bag:heart:
  14. Don't let someone else's rudeness/issues bring you down about your pretty bag. It's so easy to say "I wouldn't spend $$$ on that", but I'll bet that they spend the equivalent on drinks/cigarettes/clothes/electronics/beanie babies/etc!
    I usually don't have people asking me how much my LV cost, but the one time someone made a comment about how they wouldn't spend so much money on one, I replied that it was a good thing I wasn't working my butt off to make money to spend on what she deemed worthy. She's never made another comment about money to me again.
  15. next time just say it cost $100 or something because even though it's my own hard money, etc etc, i'm tired of people dissing my expensive bag or my spending habits so now I just say it's $50, $100...