What other pants besides Jeans do you wear?

  1. Besides jeans, what else do you use to cover your lower half? :upsidedown:
  2. I would say some yoga pants from VS and a couple of juicy pants.. and sweat pants that I cut a slit at the sides for I dont like the tight feeling.
  3. I love skirts, trousers and stylish capris (think Grace Kelly) when I go out. I do wear walking or city shorts unless I'm meeting a client because I do not think shorts, even if they are nice and don't expose the thighs are not very professional looking. And, believe it or not, in the Phoenix heat dresses and skirts are much cooler. I don't own even one pair of jeans.
  4. I have one pair of capris, looking for another to get. I pretty much live in jeans, though I do like to wear skirts.
  5. Besides jeans I wear Theory pants, These are pricey but they fit soo good, you can dress them down as well. My favorite styles are Max C Taylor.:yes:
    I wear a lots of skirt from Banana Republic and denim skirts as well. I love skirts in Winter because I can show off my boots.:yes:
  6. I live in my black gauchos, black palazzo pants and my vintage sailor pants that I have converted into capris.
  7. I really love the Banana Republic contoured fit pants. I bought two pairs in the petite size and they fit me PERFECTLY -- I have a small waist but a curvy booty. And I am 5' 1". I wear them with a 2" heel.
  8. thanks for your responses girls!
  9. I'm the opposite. I live in my Prana Divine capris (I have 10 pair in a variety of colors. They look really cute and are SO comfortable!) and I don't even own a pair of jeans!:nuts:
  10. As usual, I'm either way too old for this forum, or way too out of it!

    Straight leg twill or khaki pants. Either Dockers, or (recently) some Ralph Lauren slacks. This is work wear, as I wear nothing but jeans off the clock.

  11. I don't wear jeans. I'm very improportionate. I'm 5'1/5'2 - and my torso is normal size - full, long - nice. But my legs are short and stubby to make up for the length of my torso - and so jeans, I feel like, accent the shortness and stubbyness of my legs. Lately I've been wearing VS yoga pants - they're excellent and really flattering :P
  12. Like Bags4me, I LIVE in Theory Max C pants for work, along with Banana Republic Martin pants... both are very flattering.

    Outside of work, I love yoga pants - in Canada, Lululemon is very big, and I have a ton of their clothes, and still wear some of my Juicy around too.
  13. Theory pants, Alvin Valley Pants, ralph lauren cashmere collection in mallory (purple label) pants, trina turk and milly skirts.
  14. Yoga pants from Lululemon, and I've got a lot of khakis left over from work as well.
  15. I totally forgot about RL! i need to visit that site! I never heard of lululemon, i should check them out.