What other message boards do you visit?

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  1. Looking for a few new ones to browse...

    I regularly go on VIP, Makeup Alley, and TWOP.

  2. i read thefashionspot.com

    but i can't register, it is invite only.
  3. I don't ever post anywhere but here b/c I'm so comfortable with this wonderful group, but I do look at www.pricescope.com all the time. The jewlery that is shown is TDF!
  4. I go to Gossip Rocks, that is how I found this site
  5. Ive looked at the fashionspot message board before too. I want to be invited also. Do you think they will open it up anytime soon or just stay invite only?
    Another fun one too look at is ***************. They have good deals
  6. oh sorry i didnt realize i couldnt post a website. Sorry about that!
  7. it's just tPF for me! :amuse:
  8. The only other ones I visit are doll forums, This is Blythe and Pullip Style :blush: I'm very glad to have found this forum though!!
  9. I like to read TwoP and occasionally TFS, but I am not a registered user there. I am a member of another big, TV-focused board which is fun, because it is so different from tPF.
  10. ^^ I love TWoP as well.
  11. the only one i post on or visit regularly is this one (yay tpf!) but i've lurked on a tanning board and pricescope (mmmmm eye candy) for years. there's also a harry potter one i've read off and on for the last year or so. i recently got hooked on comic books, so i've been lurking on marvel and dc forums lately as well. yes. i'm a geek. :smile:
  12. I am member of the Vogue forums and I also lurk on thefashionspot.
  13. I use this site and I am a member of the Fashion Spot. Also like pricescope.
  14. The only message board I am a member of is tPF :tup:
  15. I just post on this one. That takes me away from work enough as it is!
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