What other high-end brand...?

  1. Hi, It is kind of related to a thread below, but slightly different question. Okay...it seems like you can negotiate price at Cartier...What other high-end brand can you negotiate price?

    I heard that you can't negotiate Tiffanys diamond price, not even for employees...Is it true?

    If Cartier watches are negotiable from boutique, what about Catier diamond price?

    Do you guys know any other brands? I am really curious...

    I am little upset that I paid full price for my Catier watch from Cartier boutique!!!!!!!!!:hysteric: :crybaby: ...
  2. if you go to your reputable local jeweler carrying rolex, cartier, panerai etc....chances are they can give you 30 % off from retail.

    i normally shop for watches not from the designer boutique itself but from our reputable high end local jewelry store also carrying bot just designer watches but also designer jewelry like bulgari, roberto coin, doris panos, gregg ruth etc. they always markdown prices from the normal retail price offered. hope this helps....
  3. I saw a Roberto Coin bracelet at N-M last week that I loved. I know that I can usually expect about 10% off fine jewelry at N-M if I ask nicely, but ten percent seems to be the limit there.

    I'd love to know about other stores that carry designer pieces. I'm just starting to have a serious interest in jewelry and want to spend wisely.
  4. coco-nut : check out your locally-owned high end jewelry stores (most of them family owned). i don't live in michigan, so i am not familiar......best is to ask around and never to buy from NM or Saks (not unless you get double points that day), the most they can give you is 20 % off! good luck!
  5. Twenty percent! Oh my! I need to strengthen my negotiation skills!
    I think I'll contact the designers I like to find out where their goods are carried. I live in Ann Arbor, and there's really not a lot of luxe items here. That's ok, because shopping is always a good excuse for a weekend trip :graucho:
  6. Thank you for your info. pazt and coco-nut!
  7. I have never really looked at Cartier diamonds... more of a Tiffany gal generally! I just know that I've been offered 15% off at Cartier retailers (not boutiques) without even asking.

    I have NEVER heard of Tiffany offering discounts - I own mostly Tiffany pieces, along with my e-ring and eternity band, and would never dream of asking for a discount there!! One of the things I love about the brand!

    Most brands other than Tiffany are negotiable... my mom has negotiated on Ebel, Omega, etc... Not sure about other watch brands like Patek Phillippe or Rolex since I've never really looked into those.
  8. Tiffany never negotiates their prices but they do offer little "gifts" if you buy an item over a certain $$$ amount usually 50k or so. They gave my mom a larger size pave diamond band after she bought a ring from them a few months ago.

    ETA: aspen, I also paid full price for my watch at the boutique! I had purchased a ring in Paris and didn't like it so much so had to exchange it...found it hard to negotiate in such a situation :crybaby:They packed up a few boxes of stationary and sent me off.
  9. That's unfair! :crybaby: My fiance bought the Tiffany engagement ring which is more than $50,000 and all he got was coffee table books!:crybaby:

    Cartier boutique DO give discounts on watches. I had a ~7% discount on my Tonneau in the London boutique but that was abnormal because they have just moved and the manager was feeling in a good mood, LOL. My mum had a 40% discount on gold Baignoire in Singapore but that was because everyone was broke post SE Asian crisis. More recently this week at a Cartier boutique in Bangkok I was immediately offered a 10% discount without even asking on a steel Pasha 42mm (I was just browsing because I have one already :smile:). Ladies should phone them up to check Asian prices first!

    As for diamonds, a certain lady around here :smile: has Cartier Haute Joaillerie and she has stated that the prices in Europe are certainly negotiable into double digits discount. From my own experience, I got a 15% discount on Caresse d'orchidées necklace and earrings in Singapore. So if you want discount of Cartier diamonds or anything for that matter, don't get it in the West!

    In fact as things get more expensive, you should ask for a discount and jewellers should be the first places you do that but I would never ask for a discount in a supermarket!
  10. ^ awww don't worry Bee! Just ask next time :smile: We've been buying stuff from there for a while too and have just gotten large intricate flower arrangements...umm give me jewelry anyday :graucho: