What other Forums do you frequent?

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  1. I know we're a pretty eclectic group of ladies (and gents!) here, so share here if you go to any other forums too!

    I'll start:
    V6Performance.net (car forum)
    IslandGems.net (bunny rabbit)

    yup just the other two. I've recently joined HonestForum.com as well.. so I guess that makes 3. :smile:

    How bout you?
  2. I am part of the low carb forum...but lately I've been letting dust grow over there as I spend all the time here. What is honestforum.com? never heard of it..
  3. ^ honestforum.com is a forum mainly focused around premium denim (7fam, COH, Paige, Rock & Republic, etc).
  4. This is the first forum I've ever belonged to. It fits too, because besides my husband and kids, I LOVE LOUIS!!!!!
  5. This is the only forum that i join. I doubt that i'll have more time for other forums. btw, the honest forum, if it's about premium denim, why is it called "honest"?
  6. No other forums--just this one!
  7. Same here :biggrin:
  8. I only belong here but I'm going to try some of the other ones that are mentioned.
  9. besides the PF - I am a member of allnurses.com.
  10. There are a lot of fake designers jeans out there, and many people are not aware of this. If I remember correctly, the founder of the forum created it to make people aware that premium denim can be faked also.

    That forum actually led me to this forum. I haven't left ever since ;)
  11. Movie forum & car forum.
  12. This is the only one.
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