What other colour should I get?

  1. Hi,

    I am going on holiday soon to the US and always get myself a couple of presents while I am away. I have already ear marked the Sapin Hobo, what other colours are just brilliant. Not to bright as feel I cannot carry bright colours of, so any suggestions greatly received and I want it to be another Hobo as love these.

    After thought its HandbagAddict4Ever birthday today the 17th anyone wanting to wish her a Happy Birthday thread on GD.
  2. Anyone, suggestions greatly received.
  3. Bordeaux hobo or blueberry hobo. They are not too in your face bright but the colors brighten outfits
  4. Hi Saich!
    I love the hobo style. Depending on where you go, some stores will have more fall stock than others. Of the fall colors, I would recommend Camel (very warm caramel, some describe it as almost orangey) and Grenat (burgundy with a hint of warm chestnut). Truffle may be nice (warmer medium-dark brown). Spring collection has Cafe (rich dark brown) and Truffle again. The other colors that are out for now are Naturel and Vert D'eau (probably too light for you), Grass green and French blue and Vermillion (too bright).
    Bal NY probably has the largest selection, but Barneys on Madison Ave has a fair amount as well, so if you'll be in NY stop by.
  5. Oh thanks, I am going to Florida, St. Petersburg and Naples, theirs Saks, Neiman Marcus their do not know what other big stores their are that sell Balenciagas, love the sound of the Grenat and the blueberry, the spring/summer collection should be in then when I go will these colours be their
  6. I agree. Grenat. :yes:

    I have two Sapins and I am in love with the colour. I think you will be very pleased with Sapin.

    Enjoy your hols.
  7. Hi Saich, I'm a little worried because from reading the Fendi thread, I know that you have been buying up all of the gorgeous spys around (BTW, did you have luck finding the green hologram?). Does that mean you are going to buy up all the great B-bags from eBay... just kidding. :smile: I would also recommend the grenat and blueberry. Another option might be Ink, which has slightly more purple tones that the blueberry. Happy Hunting!
  8. I love Grenat. I have a blueberry Hook coming in very soon so blueberry has my vote as well. I'd also like to add Caramel,Truffle, or Cafe to the mix. Some of the Caramel Days I've seen IRL are just TDF:drool:

    If you want to drive down to Miami while you're in Naples you can always shop with me. :graucho:
  9. Barney's on Madison has the most amazing camel hobo bag, I wanted it soooo bad but culdn't justify another camel. I recommend camel, can you tell?
  10. Saich, you are so cute to mention my birthday here on the BBag thread!;) It's so nice to see you over here too...I would recommend the blueberry and the greige if they still have any?? The Sapin is gorgeous though, am looking forward to seeing pics!! Have a fabulous holiday, we will miss you while you are gone, but look forward to seeing what goodies you'll get!:yes:
  11. Happy birthday HandbagAddict!!! Just saw all your Fendis, and they're stunning!

    Isn't Saichyloo adorable in her stealthy ways she get the word out?

    ok, :back2topic: , Saichyloo, the new Cafe, Grenat, and Blueberry will be lovely in the Day style and are colors you'd really love and enjoy carrying.:yes: