What other colors of the new Chanel lipstick purse Cruise 2010 collection exist?

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  1. What other colors of the new Chanel lipstick purse Cruise 2010 collection exist? Have anybody seen other than blue?
  2. I have the smaller tote in black with gray/white CCs. There is also red and I believe a coral or pink color. The totes come in navy, black, and red and the smaller flap comes in the coral/pink color as well.

  3. Thank you Jennifer!
    What is the difference in sizes between small totes and totes? I can not already find them in stores...How do they look inside? Do they have compartments? I saw one in red before Christmas in Las Vegas, but was so stupid, did not even grab it to see better, and now I am crazy about it:smile:
  4. I got the small tote. I don't have measurements, but it is a good handbag size, probably slightly smaller than a GST because it is more square. The large tote is quite large, definitely bigger than a GST. I saw someone carrying the large tote but have not seen it in stores. The small tote I have is configured like a GST, two open pockets on either side of a center zip compartment. It also has the interior zip pocket as well as cell phone and patch pockets on the inside. I have not used it yet, but it is a really cute, fun bag for spring and seems very functional as well. The red and blue looked nice as well. I hope that helps!

  5. hi jennifer!

    is it possible that you post pics of your lipstick tote here? someone is selling me one but im not sure of its authenticity. she is selling me a small black tote just like yours. i need pics of the inside of the zipper and the inside of the bag. ive been trying to search online but no luck.. thank you i found your post!

    also, do the lipstick totes come in the 13 series.. the one being sold to me is 10 series...

    please help!
  6. I saw a bright pink (fuchsia) colour in Australia yesterday.