What other brands do the H gals carry?

  1. I know many of you are strictly Hermes carriers but I wondered about the others who have other brands in your closet:confused1: ...Most of you know I am a huge Chanel fan as well and actually most of my collection is Chanel. The only other bags in my collection are two balenciaga cities and a LV speedy...but those two will be exiting the collection shortly.
    So what other brands do you carry? And what sort of events or everyday occasions would you use your non Hermes bags for?
  2. only bags? or other brands in general?
  3. ^^most interested in bags:cool: .
  4. There are 2 regular shoulder totes that are perpertually in my living room which I will grab either of, on my way out. One of them is a Anya Hindmarch shoulder tote (4 years old), and the other is a cheapy USD20 woven Banana Republic shoulder tote my DH got for me from SF 6 years ago :rolleyes:. I use them for school runs or grocery shopping.
  5. :flowers:
    then i'll say that i have my first mark cross bag (gave the second one i bought to my sister) still, nearly 10 years old, which i don't carry. and i have a bunch of longchamps that i tote around. but otherwise, it's just my one bag.:shame:
  6. I have 2 Celine Bittersweet bags that I adore, one in the Pewter dark gray color and the other in Lipstick. Trying to find a brown one now also. These are the only bags I own right now until I get my first H bag.
  7. i still LOVE chanel and LV and will continue to purchase these. i also have a collection of prada, gucci, fendi, YSL, etc from previous years. haven't bought anything new from those designers since hermes though. hoping to get into goyard soon.
  8. LV Speedy: which I use as a "battle" bag.

    LV Alma total Vacchetta.

    Balenciaga, don't know the name, but is totally different from the usual B bags.

    Black croc Prada briefcase kind of bag; all lined in silk, don't have the courage to get rid of it.

    YSL Muse XL, don't use it, but has my initials, so maybe difficult to get rid of.

    I think that's it...all the rest has been sold.
  9. same as most girls here..Chanel and LV. haven't bought any since my H though. :shame:
  10. Just my Hermes and my one Chanel re-issue I use every blue moon......I like Hermes so much that I have a couple of under-the-radar bags I grab if I feel I need to...like for school functions, lunch with friends who just don't understand and trips to Target/Costco/Petco.
  11. Apart from H , I love my two Chanel reissues. I also have a variety of Longchamp totes and an Anya Hindmarch (be a bag) that I use. I do have other bags in my closet, given to me by family and friends, which i have never used. I need to get rid of these...
  12. What a fabulous question. I am on the waitlist for a 35 cm Rouge H Birkin in Clemence, but in the meantime, I am trying my hardest to resist buying anything else... but how long can I resist is the real question.

    Right now, I carry the Chloe, LV, Luella, and these fabulous bags that a friend of mine makes in Montreal (all handmade out of moulded vinyl... very funky and great for all the rain we get in Vancouver)
  13. When I'll have my H SO, I will answer this question by...
    Balenciaga (a lot), Chanel (only 2), and LV (only 2 bags and 2 luggages)
  14. I have two chanel reissue in black and grey, Fendi spys, Ysl, LV, Dior Saddle Gaucho, Green Ostrich double saddle, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada. There are my alternate bags beside my Hermes.
  15. I have a small black Chanel class flap from over a decade ago, an LV Speedy 30, a light beige Tod shoulder bag, and a Nancy Gonzalez croc clutch in grey.
    Other than the clutch, I haven't used them since getting back into Hermes last year (after discovering this forum!).