What other brand of handbags does the Hayden Harnett carry?


Dec 30, 2006
Hotties..Do you have another favorite brand? What other brands of bags do you collect in addition to Hayden Harnett?

I also love to collect Chloe bags..

I also have Fendi, Gucci, Chanel, 2 Koobas & a few LV's left..

But I really just rotate between my HH's and Chloe collection..

I was wondering what other brands the Hotties favor should I want to expand my options..


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Jan 31, 2008
Goldenbleu, Foley & Corinna and Linea Pelle are most of my other bags.
I also like Rebecca Minkoff, Sherry Wolf, Carrie Valentine....
I hope to own a Balenciaga and a Chanel someday.

And Cho, you've got some hot bags, girl!


Jul 19, 2008
Mostly Linea Pelle.

A smattering of bags from Goldenbleu, Alexis Hudson, Rebecca Minkoff, Tano, Foley & Corinna, Isabella Fiore, Belen Echandia, Kale, Via Spiga and Donald Pliner.
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Dec 31, 2006
None really, but I have some lauren merkin clutches, an andrea brueckner, and a kooba. I wasn't really into bags before HH and I still don't have much interest in other brands and def. not in high end designers, although I do love Chloe. And if someone gave me an old Balenciaga I wouldn't throw it away or anything ;) I've tried to get into BE, RM, LP, etc. but I just don't connect with them in the same way.


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Oct 26, 2008
I do own and use many, many vintage bags but since they are not "brands" that can be bought I don't know if this is the place to put them down for you, Cho.

So..Besides my HH that I adore..

I own 3 Belen Echandia I'm Yours Totes..bought on the 'bay..that I use but which aren't made any more..the rest...let's leave that out.

one F & C (unused..untried..maybe too big..you were right when you warned me, Cho),

Goldenbleu Tiffany Clutches (love them) two others I don't remember what they are called, unused (bought sight unseen..and I should have seen before buying)..and an Apple Green Jordan (still unused still unsure if I am going to be using)...not much help..since they are now defunct.

Two Missoni Hobos in leather and woven fabric..much loved and much abused..and they still look pristine..

two Gryson satchels bought sight unseen on a "designer discount site"...(which were supposed to be satchels..but turned out to be much larger than the dimensions given..and no backsies)...in nude nylon and cream leather, and navy nylon/navy leather..not used..probably never will be by me..Gryson can be amazing..but I heard they are no longer being made exclusively in Italy..and I am no maven at all...

I am never buying sight unseen again...ever..unless there is free shipping and free return. PERIOD.

One Traces of Kale Lexi in Emerald..rebought for mucho more dinero than I paid for the first one...( after giving the first one I bought at Century 21 a whopping discount to one of my BFFs who panted after it..and who owned only one truly disgusting bag)..and now I don't know if I will use it..a bit too heavy for me due to my issues with Fibro.

I own three LP..never used..and although I have heard wonderful things about this brand..I refuse to succumb to the temptation that lurks in my email in box..that's all I need to do..fall in love with yet another brand...LOL

Two much loved Roberta di Camerino's (idiosynchratic, well made..and amazingly tongue in chic...), one much abused Prada in a Brown, Bronze Gold woven metallic thread, leather and fabric combo (no blatant logo which is why I bought it (don't even know the name of the style..I bought it about 10 years ago)

To be honest..the only bags I do buy at this point are HH..or finds I unearth at tag sales, vintage shops, thrift shops and consignment shops..or stores....and I am really not buying anything else if I can do so..budgetary and other reasons notwithstanding.

Cho..for me..I believe HH is it....price point..design..leather..funky and yet classic with a twist....CS and other glitches taken into consideration....

But...I am thinking about Jenny Yuen....I've heard amazing things about them..Missty..ITA..also about Isabelle Fiore...quirky is queen..(even at my age btw..I can't stand "old farty type bags) I found out about the sales too late..but I am still on the fence about buying anything until September..especially after taking inventory in my closet..and other hiding places..OMG!!!!!!!!:nuts:

(OK..whisper..whisper...not that I would turn my nose up at a Cervo Prada..or maybe Mulberry or anything along those lines..;))

..but I think I am going back to hand painting vintage no name leather and suede purse finds..I realize that's what I miss doing.
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Mar 10, 2008
I have an Alexis Hudson Tahoe satchel and a Gustto Sassari (new this week). I have a few Cole Haan and I have my wicker basket purses from Maxx New York - 2 Regatta basket bags (1 natural with aqua, 1 silver with white), 1 Natural/White Juliana and 1 all-chocolate Juliana. Oh, and the Maxx NY Milky Way tote in natural. That's pretty much it for non-HH. I want to expand and try other designers so I will be checking this thread regularly. I just got the Gustto bag this week. I am pleased with their leather.