What other bags do you love?

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  1. And have?

    I have the usual suspects, Coach, Dooney and I LOVE them! My Carly and Legacy Signature Shoulder are fabulous and I have a couple new buys on Dooneys from TJ Maxx and eBay that rock! I have lots of both and I use them a lot too.

    I also have 3 LVs, 2 Gucci's and a Fendi, a high end MaxxNY, 2 Brahmins, and a few no namers. I find myself not using these that much now that the Koobas have come along. Everywhere I go I see LV, most likely fakes, and I'm not inclinded to carry mine now. I love my Gucci's too, but the 80's still live on when every kid around 12 had one! LOL

    I'm really just into the look and quality of the bag, I don't really care who makes it, but I know with certain brands, what to expect so I kinda gravitate to them.

    What about you?
  2. My dream bag is a Marc Jacobs Sophia, but sadly I don't have one yet. I love his stuff in general, though. I do have a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, the Beth Fieldbag. It's cute and I love her! I'd also really like to have a Softy Carryall. Someday...

    I adore my Kooba Ginger, it's definitely my favorite bag.
  3. I have the 'usual' as well. As I'm relatively new to the Kooba obsession (2 so far and 1 on the way!), I still have a bunch of others.
    I have been a Coach fan since I was a teenager, you can't beat the durability, and since I'm rough on bags, they work well for me. Have 3 right now. Down to 1 LV. At one point I had 4, but have sold 3 of them, kept the speedy as it was the first one I bought. I also don't carry it much because of all the fakes out there, but it gets some use now and then. 1 Brahmin that I never use. I think I carried it for a week or two when I bought it, but that was it! 1 Via Spiga that I absolutely adore, but is not user friendly at all. Don't like bags that you have to unbuckle to get into, so it gets used only when I know I won't have to get into it much. I also have a bunch of 1-outfit-only lower end bags. WOW, I think I have a problem!:wtf:
  4. I love Bulga, Botkier, Blush-B-Lush, Thickskin and Tentazione! I have too many bags right now! I've had my eye on the Gecko by Luba-J for awhile. Oh yes, I also have several HH bags, too.
  5. Oh! I can't believe I forgot TANO! I have 2 now and they rock! They're going to be my midlife crisis bags. :p
  6. My current obsession is Bulga. I have two of their bags and I ADORE them!
  7. I am way obsessed with Balenciaga and after my next Kooba purchase I will get a BBag First for sure! I also love Chloe, Gustto, and some of Coach's Legacy stuff.
  8. The only other designers I love, apart from Kooba is Isabella fiore. I would love to have most of their bags!! :yes:
    I do like the Chloe Paddington but I think the extortionate price is not worth it.
  9. I love Marc Jacobs and M by MJ bags. I have 3 MbMJ bags which I absolutely love, and I am on the hunt for my first MJ collection bag. I have several Barneys label bags that I use a lot and adore. I am a big fan of several of the Chloe bags, too! And since joining the PF, I am discovering more bags to love every day! :love:
  10. I just LOVE top quality leather. I have never bought a bag based on its name.

    Because I don't like parting with anything. I have a stash of bags still in my family home. I am not too sure what might be there, or whether somebody has already disposed of them:cursing: .

    Although I have Chloe, Mulberry, Luella, Kooba, and some scrumptious leather bags bought in Greece. I have recently been impressed by Biasia and Modalu, also an Ri2K bag I posted, and they are really low prices, I might just give a couple of these a try and see how they go.

    At the moment I have a spare bedroom which smells like a tannery.
  11. I really like my Elliot Luca drawstring leather tote. I don't carry it nearly enough. I also love my Dooney double-pocket tote in Vintage leather. It's a real classic.

    And I have a gorgeous butterscotch leather short-handled tote by an Italian maker that I can't remember right now. It's yummy. I need to get it out of the closet pretty soon, too.
  12. I used to have over 20 Coaches and got rid of them all. I was so into the Signature stuff. I found I wanted all leather bags instead and sold all of them.

    I adore IF bags. I've had many of them. The problem with them is that they are heavier than Koobas. They hurt! So I have one lone IF bag, and I will never part with it. A Flashback Audra.

    I also have several Botkiers. I love their heavy zippers and hardware. And their linings very nice too. The Carlton short Hobo is my newest Botkier and I adore it.

    I have two Gryson's which are probably my next favorite bag to Koobas. They are spectacular in every way, especially the inner lining.

    I acquired two Balenciaga bags which were beautiful. The leather is TDF. But in the long run they just weren't for me.

    And I used to have various Doonies but sold them all too. But I still carry my favorite all time wallet...a Dooney Zip Around. Sturdiest wallet around.

    I will be getting a Tano in May and we will see if that starts a trend. I love their styles and if this bag is good, I could see myself getting more.
  13. Hayden Harnett. Have even more of them than Koobas :smile:
  14. I have looked at several other lines, enjoying the craftmanship of Botkier, Gustto, Linea Pelle and others. I have yet to actually buy something else in the mid-high end range. Koobas are it for now there.

    I do have two Tano bags on order and look at those as a fun, colorful alternative to the classic leather I normally like.
  15. i would be interested in trying out a tano i cant wait to see everyones loveboats that they pre ordered :smile:
    that may help me

    other then that, what i have and love are coach , i am a big fan of their leather i think its amazing and durable and they stand behind it, i have a few sig. pieces but i am VERY picky about what i like in sig. so the ones i have i do love but there are only 2
    (and i have about 8 of the leather ones)
    then i have 2 botkiers which i love!! one i love to look at more then use cause its kinda dressy for me but i cant imagine ever selling it so ive been making myself use it more and i do love its just different then many of my other bags

    then i have a Marc by Marc Jacobs that i love but dont use enough :smile: i one day would like to own a MJ bag that isnt MBMJ but im in no hurry :smile:

    I have a Tods which i adore wish i could really afford them but i cant (i got this one 2nd hand and its in perfect condition) but i got a great deal and prob it will be the only Tods i ever have :smile:

    I then have a Michael Kors which i really love! its kinda new and i like them a lot i think i may have to get more one day :smile:

    And then there is my Gustto baca which i LOVE its like butter!
    and My koobas :smile: i have 2 , one i am trying to sell though, to get a nicole in black! :smile:

    and yea :smile: haha i just signed on to buy a prada, that i will be paying off for over a month but i am psyched!! :smile:

    so thats what i love, i like to have a nice diversity in my bags
    i used to have a few LV but i decided i realllllly didnt like then so thoose are gone, i dont really like most of the super high end $$ bags (chanel, bbags, fendi, dior) they just arent that attractive to me :smile:

    Fun question!!