What other bags attach to the shoulder strap?

  1. So I bought the strap to wear with my mono Alma and I hate wearing it with the bag. It's too late to send it back, so I'll keep it. Are there any small mono bags that attach to the strap? I don't care how tiny. Thanks!
  2. the Speedy can be worn with the strap, and the Pochette Accessoires :yes:. but that's only if the strap is compatible with the bag, i think :confused1:

  3. Wait...the Pochette accessories can be attached to this?
    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - LVCR Banouliere VVN

    I've never seen anyone do this. How does it look?
  4. Okay, I just check the site. It doesn't mention anything about being compatible with the shoulder strap, but it does say that the little leather strap is removable....and I see two loops where I could attach the shoulder strap if I wanted to! :yahoo: Thank you so much...I never thought of the pochette accessories!:supacool:
  5. We sale a lot of long strap for the Pochette Accessoires!:smile:

    For your info,2 kind of strap are available:adjustable (like a belt) or not

    ===>:idea: I advise you the first one because the other one is more for tall people.
  6. It's too late...I already have the non-adjustable one and I cannot return it.:sad:
  7. i saw a lady today in hermes with a panda puchette that she had done that too and it loooked sOO hot i too had never thought about it and i thought it looked great
  8. Was it the adjustable strap or the regular one?
  9. Anyone have a picture of this? Seems like a good way to add variety to this bag.
  10. I've used a strap successfully with the following bags:

    All Mono. Speedies
    Damier Speedy
    Poch. Access.
  11. Ooo... boudicca, I'm happy to find a fellow Deauville owner! I love it! By chance do you have a pic of the Deauville with the strap? I don't think I'm imagining it right...
  12. yeuxhonnetes, is correct about the other bags...

    This strap which you purchase is 45" in. long and was originally made for the
    Mono Mini Sac HL many many years ago. With today's latest rages the possibilities are endless... You should try before wearing outside and may not be for everyone... :yes: :sweatdrop:
  13. Thanks!