What other bag distracts you from Balenciaga? Do you cheat on your bbags?

  1. Hi Girls!

    I've been wondering, since all of us reading this sub-forum are probably balenciaga bag whores.... (i mean that in the sweetest way possible)... do you also have other loves? Eg: that 2.55 chanel reissue, that gorgeous fendi spy bag or B Bag, or that chloe edith/paddy or anything else gorgeous? :love: :love:

    How do you decide which one to buy, which designer bag to collect when you've just received say, a bonus of $2000/$1500 from your DH, your Boss, your parents, your state lottery....:graucho:

    How do you decide which one to carry more? or do you rotate (like me)....

    Tell me what else you love, aside from Balenciaga... OR am I the only one with this superficial struggle? :hrmm:

    Personally, I feel that having a collection of the same designer is really awesome/fun.. especially when I get to take nice family pics. Somehow, a lonesome ONE bag from a particular designer makes me feel like she's really lonely.... so since most of us aren't able to afford huge collections of all the great designers.. how do you decide which one you should spend your money on?

    2 months ago, i started to cull my balenciaga bag collection to save up for more spy bags and chanel bags (:p .... but then everytime i take one balenciaga bag out to photograph... i fall in love all over again.. and culling becomes collecting... but i still lust for fall 06 chanel bags and more spy bags....


    apologies for rambling...
  2. actually, i was cheating LV for a b-bag. now i hardly ever use my LV's handbags, but inside of my b-bags is still full of small LV items (they're the best :p ).
    but yes, everytime i decided to wear my chanel or LV, i feel sorry if i left my b-bag, and ended up using it instead :roflmfao:
  3. seahorse same here im cheating on lv for bbags :shame: i switch bag all the time it depends on what im wearing
  4. kaka... i'm the opposite of you.. what i wear depends on what bag i'm thinking of carrying.. hehe =)
  5. Besides B-bags, my other "mistresses" or "boy toys" are LVs and Coach.
  6. I always love other bags...seems like one brand is not enough for me :shame:
  7. yeah i do cheat on my b-bags... only with LV... i'll always buy Balenciaga before LV because i know that the b-bag colours and styles are hard to come by 'coz i live SO far away therefore GO b-bags!!! thank goodness there are LV stores in NZ so i'm safe!!
  8. Irissy: boytoys????? and Mistressess???? heheh....

    Maro888: which others?

    HelenNZ: You're not too far away hun.. i'm in the continent right next to yours.. well.. on your right... =) Sydney Australia....

    EVERYONE ELSE:: so how do you choose which bags to spend your latest paycheck on??

    i'm sooo addicted to Balenciaga but need to let some go to fund my chanel cravinggggs.... =(
  9. Before I came to the PF I loved Hermès, Chloé, LV, Dior, Gucci, Prada aso. . . . but now, since about 3 months I ONLY love bbags - but mainly the "older" ones with the smooth leather ;) . . . I sold almost all of my other bags, have only 2 Hermès, 1 Longchamp right now . . . all others are Bbags, my BIGGEST love :love: ! I now Balenciaga from the beginning, I've had the FIRST season black classique '01 when they come out, after that I bought other classiques in different colors . . . but sold all little by little again :sad:. Now I'm going to re-stock my personal collection little by little again :lol::yahoo::winkiss::heart:

  10. OMG waterfalls ....... I couldn't decide ..... I can't find an answer right now - I'm sorryyyyyyyyyyy :shame:;)
  11. thanks for that firstclass1..... I sometimes fear that I might regret.. if i sold my bbags for chanels OR if i sold my chanels for more bbags.. that i would surely regret either way.. so i'm in this constant struggggle...:cry: ..... if only i could keep them all and buy some more as wellll..... guess i need to learn patience hey? =)
  12. oh no.. don't apologise... i'm glad i'm not alone.. and it's worse when i ask my boy for his opinion.. he'd just go .. "DOn't BUY!"..even though he is now well educated in the area of balenciaga/spy bags/chanel bags...
  13. I love chanel, chloe and balenciaga but I don't consider it as 'cheating' when I change my bag...It's more a practical issue; Bbags are nice to wear in daytime and my chanels I love (like the 2.55) are more practical to go out in the evening (restaurants etc).
    I never say 'I earned some money, let's spend it on A bag', I buy bags because I dream about them and am totally obsessed:lol: There are times I'm not that crazy about a certain bag and then I save my money (for futur bags:rolleyes: ). I'm not a reseller (maybe I should start with that once :rolleyes: ) cause I'm a bit emotional with my bags :shame:
  14. I started out with Coach bags, then moved to Balenciaga. I have heard the wonders about LV, but I *really* don't like bags that are super logo'd, so that knocks out the LV monocanvas (plus, $1K for canvas, no no no IMHO!!), same for the big logo CC's of Chanel, same for the Gucci fabric. I guess I could do Prada with the small tab, but opt for Balenciaga instead.

    Do I feel like I am cheating on Coach with Balenciaga? No : ) I have come to much prefer Balenciaga and feel like I am cheating on Balenciaga with Coach : ) Although, to tell the truth, I have worn a Coach bag, maybe 4 times since getting my B Girls.

    I also plan my outfit around which bag I want to wear, not the other way around. I also write down everyday, in my filofax, which bag I am carrying. Just to see that everyone gets used well.

    I wish you well,

  15. u do???? i write down what i wore to particular occasions/ meetings with particular people so that i don't repeat outfits... haha.. (my bf thinks i'm crazy...)