What other arm Candy do U stack w/ your Cartier Love Bracelet?


Dec 10, 2019
Trying to revive this thread bc I need ideas for what bracelet to wear with my stack! I am looking for something super dainty and not necessarily from a luxury jeweler, although I am open to all suggestions. I don't want to overshadow my Love and JUC, just compliment them, so I don't want something too large and because both Cartier pieces have diamonds already, I think I want to add something without diamonds.. I have a dainty chain bracelet from Catbird, so I am thinking another similar piece would be perfect, but I don't know what exactly I want! I've looked at the Sweet Alhambra but think it may be too cutesy for me. Sorry for the horrible pic, this is clearly the first pic of my stack that I've ever taken lol :sad: