What online retailers sell Free People?

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  1. I'm desperately looking for something from Free People, but it's out of stock on Free People.com

    I've checked Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Shopbop...

    Do you know any other places that sell free people? Thanks!
  2. Urban Outfitters does as well. And Free People has their own website that also sells online.
  3. Zappos and Revolve sell Free People as well. What piece are you looking for? Also, have you tried googling it?
  4. Google the style you are looking for. Free People is everywhere these days.
  5. Have you called any of the FP boutiques? Call Brie at the Brentwood boutique: (310) 451-5995
  6. Thanks everyone!

    I'm looking for the Davenport Beach Tunic for my best friend's bday

    The problem with google-ing it, is other stores give it a different name! But I'm going to check the other sites, or I'll call a FP store. I remember they do free shipping if they don't have an item in store! Thanks again :smile:
  7. Call the Free People boutique located in 5th Avenue, their number is 212 647 1294. We have it in stock!
  8. Thanks girls! I called a FP store and they had it!! Offered to ship it free, but I went to the store to shop more :smile: hehe