What on your 2007 wishlist?

  1. I don't remember seeing one of these thread this year. It is always fun to see what everyone plans to buy. I remember saying that in 2007, I would only buy 2 bags. Well, that's not going to happen. I have already purchased 2 bags and have more on my wishlist.

    My current wishlist items are:

    Roxbury Drive in noisette
    Epi Black Montaigne PM or GM
    Mono Petite Noe

    However, my list is constantly changing...........

    What are you planning to buy this year? :smile:
  2. I want something damier and epi since dont have in my collection.But still not sure which exactly
  3. I have so many items on my wishlist, but topping it is the Stephen. I just have to find a job and start saving!
  4. I plan on getting a damier speedy 25 and perhaps the ludlow by the end of summer. I've also been wanting something small in multicolore, like the cozy. The more time I spend on tpf the more stuff I see and want!
  5. World Peace! :yes:

    ok back to LV.... i have nothing in particular. i've got my S/S'07 fill already. just waiting for more information - as to which ones will be produced - on this year's F/W men's show bags ;)
  6. Suhali Lockit in Black and I hope to find a Suhali Le Fab in Blue (can't recall exact name). Then I'll be satisfied for awhile...
  7. Well im getting my much wanted damier 25 speedy on the 31st!!! And if all goes well I have hunted down a fuschia denim neo speedy, by Friday that should be mine. If I get those I will be the happiest person in the whole world! I wouldnt want any other bags after that! ... Im getting excited just thinking about them!
  8. Next up is the long awaited mono speedy ...after that the denim baggy PM in fuschia IF I find one to my liking (eBay, let-trade, etc.) and the damier speedy 25 for fall and maybe a ludlow wallet! Thats all for 2007 :smile:
  9. Right now, it's:
    1. Damier Speedy 30
    2. Pomme Agenda
    3. Framboise Koala
    4. ANY new handbags coming out that I like!
    LOL I think I have a problem. My list changes constantly but the first three I think I definitely have to buy!
  10. I want that bag below.
  11. It is only March and I am on Wish List #2 because I bought everything on Wish List #1 (SOOOOO BAD!)

    Here was wish list #1:

    Framboise Agenda
    Denim Baggy
    Ipod Holder
    Bronze Reade
    Inclusion Speedy Key Chain
    Glitte Key Holder aka Disco Ball
    Heart (I ended up with the MC)
    Multicles (I ended up with Pomme)

    Here's Wish List #2 (I don't expect to get any of these since I was so bad but a girl's gotta have a dream!)

    Cabbas Piano
    Mini Noe
    Monogram Shawl
    Fuschia Neo Speedy
  12. Just picked up my azur speedy 25.... love it! and, got all the rest below on sig... now, just need to repair my car, no LV for a while...:sad:
  13. its written in my signature and thats all i plan on buying this year >< as for bags, but accessories i will be getting more of those...

    must have the cabas raye gm
  14. something multicolor