What on Earth Possessed them ?!?!?!?!?

  1. Item number: 140197026558 :wtf:
  2. hahahahaha WEIRDOS
  3. They should never be allowed to own anything LV ever again. :nogood:
  4. idiotic..
  5. Well, that's just silly! I guess they were bored ... and didn't have anything else better to do with their time.
  6. Strange...
  7. really dumb.
  8. that's dumb... i still don't get the point of it
  9. OOOOoooooook
  10. why ruin a perfectly good bag.... if it is indeed real
  11. :sad: that's awful!
  12. Why would they do something like that? Is it even authentic?
  13. WHo would buy that??
  14. I heard of this, there's a website where FAKE is just stenciled on all the bags. I actually found out from a thread here...

    It's tacky IMHO... and they say the bag is AUTHENTIC?! Anyone in their right mind would NOT stencil 'FAKE' on an authentic LV.