What on earth?!!! Pink metallic first...

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  1. I was watching this and yesterday the seller sold the exact same bag but also still had this one going as a buy it now, I messaged the seller asking if I bid and won the one that was ending what would happen about the other listing, would she end it? I received no reply so needless to say did not bid. But how can someone do this? Is it not against ebay rules? I guess if someone buys this she will sell it to them not the winner of the original - and worst of all she says she is a Tpfer!


  2. Is she a PF-ER????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. All I can see is that she tells potential buyer to have it authenticated here, unless I missed something I cannot see she claims to be a pf´er?

  4. Oh dear, perhaps you could contact the winning bidder to let her know? I think the listing cold get pulled if she is selling this twice...
  5. This should probably be moved to the authenticate this thread where most of the ebay shoppers look.
  6. I think she should sell it to whoever it was that won it FIRST.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.