What on earth is this on Styledrops?

  1. Anthracite:yes:
  2. ^^ lol, sounds alot like "anthrax" :p

    p.s. me think not a good name for a b-bag!!!
  3. That is seriously funny!
  4. :rolleyes:I really did think it was a metallic bag, though ... but I guess it's just the weird lighting.
  5. Oh how funny?!?!?! What's up with Styledrops anyway??? Half the stuff they have on their site has the wrong year and season on it. And they never have true names of the colors. Well, I guess "anthrax" was at least an attempt. lol Has anyone ordered from them before? Do you get the white tag showing all the year info and stuff? There's a bag I want on there so bad, but it says 2007 spring/summer, and it's for a color/bag they stopped making in 2006. What gives?!
  6. I think they may not necessarily know their merchandise that well. Maybe you should ask them for a photo of the inner tag on the bag in question?
  7. Is this an authentic site?? They have a couple of the "purse" styles, one in dark blue, which is impossible if it is marine!?!