what on earth is it these days? non-paying bidders...

  1. out of my 4-5 most recent auctions i've had two npbs :wtf: with the usual lame "my little sister used my computer when i was on vacation" :rolleyes: or "i've had a very difficult family situation" excuses. neither of which i see as a legitimate excuse not to pay. delay in communication possibly, ok, but not an excuse not to pay. neither were even very high value items so even if my little sister (not that i have one) did bid and win an auction using my id (except that i'd know to log out if other people were in the habit of using my computer) i'd pay up or make her pay out of common courtesy.

    arghhhhhhhhh :mad: :mad: :mad:

    anyone else had more npbs than usual lately?
  2. not lately but I have in the past....ebay is just getting a bit of a pain to be quite honest!
  3. lately it's been pretty good....in the past thought I was getting them about 10% of the time.
    What annoys me though is the people who buy a $5.00 item and wait the full 7 days to send out a MO because they're waiting for payday...OMG you don't have $5?? LOL
    What I love are the people who pay so fast I don't even have time to invoice!
  4. i recently sold about 6 items on ebay and 4 of the 6 bidders needed to be reminded after i have given them the full 7 days to pay (mind u, these were not expensive items) that i required payment.. I even gave one guy an extra week on top of the 7 days to pay....:cursing: all of my 6 transactions worked out fine in the end, but i feel like their mother when i have to remind people to pay.. honestly.. ive got better things to do !! :Push:
  5. I am dealing with this issue as we speak. It is almost the 7 day mark since I sent an invoice. Hopefully, I can get this quickly resolved after my first reminder.
  6. I've had a couple in the last few days ........... yeah, the usual my sister used my account and she wasn't suppose to. Then another replied right away when the invoice was sent that she was checking into how she would pay? WTF? You won, now you have to figure out how to pay??
    I think I'm going to use the paypal -- immediate payment required. Has anyone used this option?
  7. Well let's see...as of yet, I'm still waiting for a payment for a $3.99 magazine..the buyer said she'd send her check on the 24th and I've gotten no payment or response to the emails/payment reminders I've sent. I have a NPB alert open on her now.

    A few months ago, I had some girl bid on a top I was selling..she said she'd send me her $8.99 money order and I never got it. Opened an NPB alert on her and eventually got my final value fee credit.

    And this was just something I thought was stupid; one one holiday weekend, this lady won a lot of 3 striped tops I was selling and had emailed me at the end asking me to wait until she got paid that Friday before she sent payment. So I agreed and she paid me on Sunday. Of course, Monday was a holiday..so that Wednesday, I get an email from her, basically threatening me because she hadn't gotten her tops yet!! I tried to CALMLY explain that Monday had been a holiday so I'd mailed on Tuesday...then she emails back and says "well you should have mailed them out before you went on vacation!!!!"
    I again tried to CALMLY tell her that no, I had not gone on vacation and there was NO mail delivery that Monday, which was beyond my control. Plus, I'd been nice enough to wait a week for her to pay me as she requested in case she'd so conveniently forgotten that fact.
    She got them that Friday but I hate bidders like that!!!

    Oh and I also sold a lot of 3 paperbacks and sent them media mail..the guy emails me and gets obnoxious saying things like "I know media mail doesn't take THAT long!!"
    So I emailed him the receipt from the post office and didn't hear from him. Then yesterday, he emails me again saying IT'S BEEN THREE WEEKS, I'VE SOLD AND SENT THINGS MEDIA MAIL AND THEY DON'T TAKE THAT LONG!!! WHERE ARE MY BOOKS????
    It's SO hard to be kind when people are acting like that so I told him that I sent him the receipt and that I could give him a refund minus shipping since yes, I did send them.
    So he emails me back this morning..."I got the books. I see by the stamp that you sent them on the 28th. I don't know why they took so long, I guess we'll never know."
    Um yeah, buddy, I mailed them the 28th, the same date that was on the scan of the receipt that I sent you. That's why ebay added that thing to the bottom that says "sellers are not responsible for transit time."
  8. Mine's really variable... my last few sets of auctions have been good for payments, but I'm waiting on a couple of my most recent set with some minor problems - keeping my fingers crossed!

    I hate NPB's though - eBay eats up a ton in listing fees, so it's not cheap! I guess still better than trying to go through a consignment store though.
  9. Thats me! hehe

    I've noticed it too. Lately mine have been around 3/10 NPB. Even ones with high feedback and everything. argh
  10. I've become a very no nonsense seller because of this. I try to state clearly in my auctions what my expectations are but...

    Let's see...I've had bidders dogs die, bidders mother die (but she was placing bids on other items while she was out of town at the funeral. Those funeral homes sure cater to the mourners with internet access nowdays I guess) but the best was the girl couldn't pay for the lot of books because her brother stole her money to buy a bag of dope! TMI!!! Sadly I think that one was the truth.
  11. I had a bidder who told me she was unable to get to a computer because of a hurricane, yet I saw in her feedback that she had bid on other items and paid the other sellers on time. I let it go because it wasn't worth the hassle, but man, if you can't pay, don't F-ing bid!
  12. I think people are bidding for the sake of losing it to someone else and later on they probably discover that they had over spent or found a better deal. Hence, the excuses.
  13. I get NPB's all the time. I don't even worry anymore about them. I just file a UPI and most of the time they don't respond, so I can leave negative FB without retaliation. My most recent was a NPB on my Balenciaga City I sold. So I just relisted it and sold it to a lovely PFer.